“Here’s flies so fast. We just stayed there

“Here’s your drink madam” the Italian waiter politely said as he served my honey-lemon tea.”Thanks!” I said as I made my way to Alex who is currently drinking his beer while he stares at the newly formed sunset. We were in this some kind of beach rest house here in Florida and we decided to get our honeymoon in a place where it is very peaceful and close to nature. I patted his shoulders and as of on cue, he reached for my hand and smiled at me.”Rosie, you know I have never felt this wonderful feeling in my entire existence.” He said and met my eyes.I smiled at him and I let out a sigh ” yeah? I know, me either.”Just like that he held my hand and watched the sky turn its color from blueish orange to deep and dark orange. Though it seemed reflected darkness, it is still very calm and welcoming. You know I really do believe when you are with someone time really do flies so fast. We just stayed there laughing at our own lame jokes and reminiscing the old times we experienced since we were still a little.”Haha yeah! You were such a crybaby back then. But when I became the most idiotic man I could be and dated her, Well uhm.. you just really did… change?” He said.I looked at him with confused look “Change? What do you mean by change? You mean I changed?” I asked.”Well uhm… A little?” He said with a little voice. Right there and then I saw hesitations in his eyes like he wants to just take back what he just said. He looked like a real kid right now and he looked funny.”Hey.. stop haha it’s alright. It’s not like I didn’t know that I just actually ‘change’ I do change Alex and I know that. I became the person I never imagined I could be. I… I just became a whole different Rosie but you know it seemed to be a part of the plan, I have my beautiful daughter with me and those times gave me lessons to take in.” I genuinely smiled at him.There’s a glint in his where I cant read. It’s like there is a glint of sorrow, and guilt in his eyes but those eyes were just so sparkly and it looked happy… well at least.He looked on the other side and he nodded “yeah you were right, I.. I’m sorry, Rosie. I know, some part of it was my fault. I became the biggest jerk you’ve ever known and I was being coward that time.” he said to me”Hmm it’s all in the past? It was really nice that those things happened the way they are supposed to happen. And We’re already married, Alex and that’s the most important thing. We didn’t put everything into waste.””You were right, Rosie. Everything that happened before has its own reasons and we just became one, a partners for life.” He said”Yep! And with that… maybe we should just uhm.. you know just drive to the city and.. come on! let’s go to the downtown!!” I cheerfully said to him”Go to what??” He laughingly said to me as he got my idea and I know he was being amused by what I just said. A cold wind started to tickled our skin. And soon after we felt the breeze of the darkness… we looked at each other and…”Hey come on let’s go! This is just the most perfect timing to do it!” I said to him and run towards our car.”Oh my god Rosie I wasn’t ready for it but… okay whatever” he smiled and started to run to our car.We silently drove to the city, the downtown and we’re like just some idiots who just kept on stealing glances at each other and then laughed about it. Moments later we reached the lake. It wasn’t just a lake. but for us, it is the most wonderful lake we’ve ever been to. It is just too magical. It still hasn’t change and it’s good.”We’re here! Come on! Let’s go now, Alex!” I was about to prepare the things and I remembered something “hey you shouldn’t cheat!, It’s been 3 years since the last time we did this so don’t be so unfair” I gave him a sharp look as if I am threatening him that if he’s gonna cheat on me with this, I swear I’m gonna rip his bones out.”Woah woah Rosie! Relax! okay I swear I will not gonna cheat and run away this time” he raised his both hands acting that he’s given up with my stares.”And babe! No wet suits please.” He said and gave me a boyish grin”Yeah of course! No wet suits.” I accepted his challengeAnd with that I started removing my dress and was just left with undergarments and went out of the car and run towards the magical lake. He did the same and we both stopped when we felt the cold temperature of the water biting in to our skins.”OH MY… THE WATER… THIS IS JUST TOO COLD!!!!” I shouted because I can’t contain the coldness that I am feeling. The water is freezing the heck out on me.”OH YOU WANTED THIS RIGHT ROSIE? HAHA YOU LOOK SO FUNNY BUT YEAH HECK THIS COLDNESS THAT I AM FEELING IS JUST TOO MUCH! LET’S GO TO THE CAR” He shouted back and yes I know his weakness is too much cold haha”YEAH YOU WERE RIGHT… LE…LET’S GO!” I answered himWe run to the shore and grab our thick blankets and towels and wrapped it around us.”Wooh! It’s been years since the last time I felt that kind of… whooh! I cant find the right words to say it’s like your body was being kept inside a refrigerator for a very long time!” He said to me as he kept on doing everything to make himself feel warm”Yes I know but it’s fun! We just started this when that black teenage American waiter told us about this experience and we just got challenged and did it like we’re some kind of morons whom it was their first time to see a lake!” He laughed at me because it’s true! I can still remember him being determined to do this challenge but he just end up regretting it because the water is so cold.”You ready? Come on let’s go back home.” Alex said as he reached for my hand. How could he do that? Driving effortlessly while holding my hand? Wow, if I had been the one doing it, I must probably bumped the car into something. As we reached into our beach house, Alex was being weird he’s being actually quite all the way to our home.”Hey babe what’s wrong? Are you okay? Do you feel sick?” I am so worried and I know if he’s going to be sick it was all my fault because I am the one who suggested it.He looked straight into my eyes like he was sending all his thoughts through our eyes. I saw glimpse of love and desire in his eyes.”Im fine, very much fine Rosie” he hugged me very tight and he kissed me in my forehead as he whispered something to me.”Why don’t we start to create our family? A second child perhaps?” I grinned because I do wanted to have a family with him. He’s my first love, my best friend and my loving husband. Of course I want to start a family with him. I nodded at his question and yeah you guys know what happened. We made love and I am sure of that because he is my Alex and will always be.”I love you so much, Rosie.” He said as he planted a soft swift kiss in my forehead.”I love you too, my Alex” I sleepily said and hugged hm tightly as we both drift in our deep wonderful sleep.