Here, passes on values and beliefs that are

Here, I am choosing
gender inequality topic for this assignment. Gender
roles are not given at birth, as ones
biological sex, they are to be learned and taught amongst those surrounding one
at an early age, and the society and culture one lives in. Gender roles are
mainly learned and taught by those who have raised them, namely their family.
Ones family has the biggest impact on how to perceive their gender. This is
because a family institution passes on values and beliefs that are taught and
learned to accept at an early age. Although it is not those who raise one whom
are to blame for gender inequality. Gender inequality begins during the history
of how evolution caused us to be segregated of the two groups of male and
female. As an outcome of these gender roles came the affect of gender
inequalities, in Family households and in the Workplace. As my research hopes
to show, that I believe gender inequalities are learned through ones family and
are reflected in the workplace, school and society. Gender
inequality is the situation that women and man are not equal. Although, gender
is not as simple as it seems, gender comes into play with many different
aspects like sex, gender and gender roles. Each part plays a significant part
when we talk about different social problems encountered by men and women.  Today, gender inequality is major problem globally.
Because of the gender inequality girls can not study more and they do not get
good education. Gender inequality is not only in the work place but also in the
society, for example, inequitable gender norms in many places, in which people
think that girls are an economical burden whereas sons are a long-term
investment therefor many parents married their girls at early age and dictate
that a girl live with her husband’s family. Due to the sex inequality females
have more trouble in their life such as they have not get higher education and
they get married in their early age and this a big problem.

When a girl looks for a
job the preference is given to a male because the mentality of the society is
set on this point that males can do better work than females. Males can do a
physical job better than females. Moreover, females face many other problems
like harassment, sexual bribery, jokes on gender and comments which passively
but succinctly make gender differences a salient aspect of work relation. Women
are given easier jobs or they only get hired when the conditions force
employers to hire women, for example only men can apply for higher salaries but
women can only apply for some jobs, regardless her qualification and talent,
jobs like nursing are more suitable for women and for men jobs which require
more talent. This is the basis of job segregation and it leads to increase the
sex inequality in the world especially in the developing country.

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Somewhere in schools it
is taught that men are more capable of doing big tasks rather than women which
kills their attitude at a very young age and they suffer for the rest of their
life. Men turn out to be more productive in future as compared to women. This
must change; the face and the practices of education has to be changed. Little
efforts bring big change. Girls are now topping in almost every institution
which is a great but their parents then hesitate to allow them to work, the
mentality is that girls cannot do jobs, they are not capable and it is not safe
for them.

However, not even in
workplaces in society and in every stage girls are treated unequally, but now
time is changing women are stepping up and giving men a tough competition, in
every aspect whether sports, workplace, running big companies and organizations.
Government has played a major role in changing the thinking of the society.
Women are now treated equally, given equal chance to come up. For example, last
years most dominant athlete was a woman, Ronda Rousey, over all male and female
athletes which was a big statement that women are no less than men. Women like
Indra Nooyi, Mary T. Barra, Ursula Burns are big examples of women who are
running big organizations and companies proving that women matter in the world
and they must not be degraded.

Women are standing tall
and are playing an important role in every area. Women’s role has changed at an
accelerating rate and we the society must appreciate them and help them do
great in their life, giving them equal treatment. They are the most essential
part of our society, efforts should be made to stop gender discrimination and
our world will be free of gender inequality which is a major talking point at
the moment. 

There are numerous types
of discrimination one goes through throughout his life, and it is a painful
experience; gender discrimination hurts nearly half of the population on earth.
Women of all age and caste disregarding to the country they belong have to go
through discrimination and humiliation at every stage of their life. While it
is also true that not only women but men too are the victims of gender

The words gender
discrimination gives an image of a woman being tortured or being a victim of
partiality although that being true it’s not the whole complete image, men too
are the victim of it. There are so many work places where men are not given
work considering the job as more of a feminine work. The biggest example is the
job of nanny; almost no one wants to hire men as a nanny even though men have
the same skills and potential of raising or taking care of a child. Men are
believed of not having emotions or having less attachment and care towards

The discrimination
between a boy and a girl starts at a very young age, even before the birth. In
many countries ratio of female foeticide is very high. For example, in India
the 2011 population report says that there were only 947 women to 1000 men in
2010, and the reason behind it is considered to be killing of female fetus
illegally. To curb this, India has made it a criminal offence to check the sex
of the fetus. However, the ratio is not the same with the whole world but still
it is not one expects, there are 107 boys to every 100 girls.