Healthy they should keep track of their calories

Healthy LifestyleStudent name:Taiba Saadoun 32408American University of the Middle East (AUM)AbstractHaving a healthy lifestyle like maintaining a diet, sleeping, and training, affects the body and health in such a good way. Even though maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard, but it is not impossible. Being healthy makes the person happier more productive. Being a heathy person is wise decision to make.Healthy LifestyleRecent study shows that 43% of U.S. citizens finds it difficult to be healthy as part of their modern lifestyle (Mintel, 2016). Therefore, people should start seeking healthier options that will benefit them in a great way. There are some steps for people to maintain a healthier lifestyle, by having a healthy diet, getting a good amount of sleep and practicing good habits.First of all, the influence of having too many unhealthy restaurants may affect the people options in picking a healthier diet. Some people finds this extremely hard due to the very unhealthy available options that people has an easy access to, such as fast foods restaurants and junk food. People are not restricted to only picking the healthier options, but they should keep track of their calories that goes through their bodies at the very least, but also keeps in mind that drinking water is very important to their healthy lifestyle. It helps people to digest food easily and in a more efficient way. And it also supports the increase of metabolism levels in our systems that helps with the fats burning process. By eating healthy foods and always sticking with healthier options, it’s noticeable that it also helps our bodies and supports it from prevent and fighting diseases. Consuming fruits and vegetables has a very high healthy value to our bodies as it contains tremendous amount of dietary fibers that also reduced the chances of getting infected by a disease.Second of all, having a good amount of sleep effects our lives positively. Sleeping is very healthy and helpful to our bodies. Also, it has so much to offer that supports healthy lifestyle such as: it helps us remember and save information better in our minds. Moreover, it keeps us awake and positively alerted, which helps in doing a proper and good work. In addition, sleeping has a great influence on our mood and mental health (Dinges, D, 1997). On the other hand, the lack of sleep has many cons to it that relates to us physically. Some of which are the unhealthy high levels of ghrelin and the low levels of leptin. This gives us an inaccurate hunger feeling that forces our bodies to crave foods that are other its capacity load. As well as the lack a healthy sleeping habits usually have a very hard time focusing on their jobs and paying attention.Lastly, good habits help people to maintain a healthy lifestyle (Wanderlustworker, nd). For example, eating breakfast that generally helps people with weight loss and avoiding higher levels of cholesterol. For some people maintaining a healthy lifestyle could be tough especially if they are not fans of working out and generally exercising, but walking every day is fairly good exercise that could have a lots of benefits too, some of which are the decrease of a heart disease and the overall chances of diabetes. Likewise, reading a couple of books helps with having a healthy lifestyle. To illustrate more, reading for 30 minutes every day helps us in gaining so much information, which is very useful and will positively influence our lives and studies. Also, reading has a great potential impact on our future careers as it generally grows our knowledge about so many things and trains our minds to always be healthy and well maintained.To conclude, seeking a healthier lifestyle like maintaining a healthier diet, sleeping enough, and having good habits, benefits you in a huge way. In addition, having a healthy lifestyle is hard, but to chase your dreams you have to work hard. Therefore, those who follow a healthy lifestyle are happier and more productive. Being a heathy person that isn’t a hard thing to do as it is a very important and wise decision to make.MReferences• Dinges, D. et al., Cumulative Sleepiness, Mood Disturbance, ans Psychomotor Vigilance Decrements During a Week of Slwwp Restricted to 4-5 Hours Per Night. 1997 Apr. 267-277.• (2017). Americans find it difficult to be healthy as part of a modern lifestyle | online Available at: Accessed 20 Dec. 2017.• (2017). Wanderlust Worker | Improve your Life by Building Better Habits. online Available at: Accessed 20 Dec. 2017.