Having achievement certificate to honour my contribution to

Having the opportunity to study abroad can be
considered as a once in a lifetime opportunity. The possibility of living away
from home may prove to be very challenging, but it offers exciting and new
opportunities that only a few students can have access to. I believe that
Management program at Brock University is the next step that I will be taking
in terms of career development.  I think
this is the best place for me to learn and study. As a matter of fact, I have
structured my path in order to pursue this career in mind. I highly value both
quantitative and qualitative management approaches. I feel that the best thing
for me right now is to cultivate my expertise in performing quantitative


In order to achieve all of my career goals, I have
to learn not just about modern developments as well as finance techniques, but
also regarding financial applications and financial markets, acquiring hands-on
experience regarding financial analysis. I believe that a Master’s degree will
offer me the theoretical understanding as well as an in-depth understanding of
practical approaches in using research skills and managerial decision making in
order to allow me develop an expertise in various areas.

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My educational background has also supported this
point. On top of my solid educational credentials, I am also equipped with
relevant experience. For instance, I have worked in the field of Human Resource
at CESC Limited in Kolkata for 8 weeks as a trainee for my internship
programme. I enjoyed the opportunity to obtain valuable experience in this
field. As a matter of fact, on project  titled
 ‘Analysis of HRM’  I led the strategic implementation for entire
set of regulations. For such work on this project,  the 
company awarded me with an achievement certificate to honour my
contribution to the project.


I am looking forward to the opportunity of being able
to study at Brock University. I am eager to get myself involved in various
programs and groups so that I can enjoy my time in your university. I am hoping
to gain a solid foundation in  the field
of  MBA in Finance  while a firm grounding on the management
basics and fundamentals which will also be relevant in the field.