Hands of Love Preschool

“Hands of Love Preschool” is a school for children ages 3-5. It is a Christian based preschool which has daily bible lessons and provides lunch for all the students. We also go on weekly field trips were the students can learn jobs of interest. “Hands of love” is located in Hamilton parish and it has just opened last year. Our costumers are parents who are looking for an educational and fun environment for their toddlers. The owner of the business is Sandy Greenwood. She asked has asked me to help her with making her information change from being stored manually and to being stored into a computer.

The problem we encountered is that we are a new a company and nobody really know about us. We want to build a profile in the local community through a creative and attractive logo, and stationary. We carried out a large market survey and formed a database of potential customers that we need to get this information to.

We have chosen five objectives to follow. They are:

o To raise profile through newsletters, logos, word of mouth, stationary and events,

o To reach a large number of customers.

o To promote healthy eating for toddlers and their parents.

o To inform the public about our services.

o To find the most efficient way to reach potential customers.

o To include the new logo in the newsletter.

o To include school photos in the newsletter.

Some alternatives that we could have used are to promote the business through word of mouth all alone. We could hand out posters and flyers to parents. We can also send letters to certain individuals or we can put an advertisement on the internet. The internet would not be a good idea because not everybody would check the internet regularly.

My chosen solution is to create a newsletter and creating a mail merge with all the clients in the database previously created . The newsletter is a good solution as it will allow me to meet my users requirements buy informing them about our services and causes.

IT is a good solution to the problem we have encountered because I can produce surveys and questionnaires. We can use a mail merge to send out multiple letters to customers stored in our data base.


Hardware and Software

The main software package that I am going to use is Microsoft Publisher. Here is a list of things that you can do in Microsoft Publisher:

o Add pictures to make your work more attractive

o Change the different layouts that you can choose from to make your work different.

o Change the color schemes

o Use the spell checker to make sure your words are spelled correctly or make sure you sentences are correct

o Produce different sorts of publications such as newsletters or business cards

o Create a mail merge with the clients in my database

In order to complete the whole task I will need to use Microsoft Access to produce the mail merge since this contains all my clients/customers names and addresses. I will also need to use Microsoft word to create my letterhead and type up the letter I will be sending to my customers.

To find pictures for my news letter I will look on the internet for websites from other pre-schools. I might also take pictures of other children myself to put in my news letter.

A new skill that I am going to have to learn is how to take the names from a Microsoft Access database and put them in a mail merge so I can have one for each of my potential customers.

For my hardware, I am going to have to use a digital camera in order to take pictures of children to put in my newsletter. I am also going to need a computer monitor to view my work before I print it. When I print my work I will most likely need a color printer since most of my work is in color. The names of the computer I will be using will be FS1920 which is a black and white printer and HP3550 which is a color printer. The computer that the preschool provided me to use is a Dell Optiplex SX780 Intel Pentium 40gb hard drive.


In order to make sure my work has been stored properly I will save it on my H: drive and I will also save it on a USB device just incase something happens and I loose my work. I will need to save my work every time I am finished for a session and every time I have just completed a major change in my work. The reason for this being, if I do save and the computer crashes or something like that, I will still have the change I made.