GSK and Innocent drinks

GSK is health organisations who study illnesses and diseases all around the world. They make medicines to help people and then sell those medicines. It is international; they have bases in the United Kingdom and USA. It is important for them to be based internationally because it gives them an advantage to study diseases not only from one land, they can get more people knowing about it and people get more knowledge of what dieses they are suffering from.

The type of people they would need is Clinical specialists, Communication specialists, engineers, manufacturers, law, Doctor, nurses and pharmacists.

The UK site is based around the central part of London, where there are many people looking for jobs in areas such as the GSK. Being planted in near the Thames gives the visitors something to look out for then finding directions to reach the base. It is also located near by the motorway which makes it easily approachable by car.

Research Scientist would be working for the GSK at a salary from around about £20,000 a year and the Professors could be earning up to over £60,000. They would be researching life science; physiology, plant science and pharmacology. They could be carrying out experiments and developing ways to improve existing products and testing new ones.

Pharmacologist would be studying the effects of drugs and chemical compounds. They would be carrying out experiments to research and discover new drugs to prevent illnesses. The qualifications needed to be pharmacology which would be the most relevant to have, biochemistry, physiology and microbiology would also be accepted by employers. A starting salary would be some where around £26,000 a year and a senior pharmacologist could be earning up to £100,000 a year.

Jobs and roles in GSK would revolve around scientists, doctors and researchers making the drugs and medicines better and carrying out and testing them in experiments.

Innocent drinks

Innocent’s drinks make smoothes and drinks made from fresh fruit. Innocent make many different kinds of smoothes such as ‘thickies’, ‘orange juice’ and ‘veg pots’ which are all based around a healthy life style and are aimed at people from a higher life style of living. They are an international company; they choose to be international so they can make more money and be better know and can create different themes and flavorous of the smoothes. Their main idea is to keep it healthy and good for the environment, this may bring in more customers because of the climates changes and people would support their ideas. The main to base is in Shepherds Bush, West London. It is easily accessible by the employees because of the simple routes by London transport. It is also useful for the company to be bases in such a busy part of London because there are loads of unemployed workers looking for jobs. There are also motorways close by so it wouldn’t be hard for them to ship their products around.