God do indeed have a God. However, I

God and for preserving Jewish unity and identity. These laws are not so important to Reform Judaism because they wanted to be adopted into the European culture, so they chose to sacrifice the laws for this. A problem associated with a consistent belief in Christianity is Christianity proposes that only one of two fates awaits humans after they die a beautiful invitation to go Heaven or an unfortunate, terrible judgment to Hell. Given the complexities and variations of individual encounters, allowing only two conclusions is ridiculous. People are born into various circumstances, such as Bible-believing Christian origins and others with Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, or atheistic origins. Throughout the Middle Ages when prejudiced belief was everywhere versus the communities today which are much more worldly. Some existed before the period of Christianity. Some were born with broken mental abilities. To include all of these people into a two-tiered belief system is wrong.  Catholics believe in “purgatory” where souls can be redeemed before they are permitted to enter Heaven. It would appear to lighten the problem slightly if it weren’t for the fact that it is entirely made up without any evidence in the Bible. Though it would further make the decisions, you execute in this life much less significant if you could repay for any faults with a visit to purgatory. No matter how hard the layover is there, it would be hardly short compared to the everlastingness life awaits in Heaven. What I have found to be very confusing and/or a challenge to my sense of spirituality would have to be the belief of whether or not there is a God. There are so many moments where it appears that we do indeed have a God. However, I feel as if God is just this fictional character that was created to give people a sense of stability and someone that is a higher power that can guide them through life.  Overall; I enjoyed learning about both Christianity and Judaism because there were so many aspects I didn’t know.