Globalization to be prepared in coming to college.

Globalization is the reason why many countries are
connected to each other. Every country has their international change and
cultural exchange and that is because of globalization. In every person,
organization, system in this world has their role in globalization as well as
the Senior High School Students.

When we say Senior High School students, they are
the students who graduated or currently studying in the curriculum of K-12
implemented by DepEd. The students will be introduced to their preferred career
path and helping them to be prepared in coming to college. Let us discover,
what’ are the roles of SHS students to globalization in the field of
employment, development and social consciousness.

When we say employment, it is an act of being
employed in a certain company. While SHS students are trained to be prepared in
their chosen career path someday. So, what’ is the role of SHS students to
globalization in the field of employment?

Senior High School students are trained to be
competitive. K-12 curriculum helps them to concentrate on the field they are
good at and interested in. The curriculum molds the students to become good at
work someday. The students are well prepared and a competitive one.

Hence, Senior High School students have a big role
to globalization in the field of employment. In the field of work, graduates of
Senior High School system are efficient. They are a very big help in the
company and if they will work abroad they can share culture and can share their
knowledge and skills there.

 In development, because of the things we
learn in school we gradually understand the world.
In school we learn a lot of things not just in academics but also lessons in
life. The school helps us to be competitive in terms of projects, performances that
we present and the grades we have that
later we use it in life.



 According to Jose Rizal, the youths are the
hope of the country. The generations of youths
today are high-tech. We can now see all the happenings in the world in just one
click. And being educated makes we believe that there are solutions in the
problems we have.

 Social consciousness is important. Senior high
school students are aware of the challenges we are facing right now. Because of
the new technologies the students can able to track the happenings and be aware
of the challenges we are facing. In able for us to be aware and provide actions
to that.

 Many materials now a day have blogs or pages
and where in they can able to express feelings,
their opinion and etc. And with that many people read and see their opinions.
Everyone have freedom of speech and have freedom to express their thoughts.