Global gas. The gasses are then trapped and

warming and greenhouse effect has always been a problem and has been the main
topic of discussion among everyone. Constant soil and water samples have been
taken over the years to determine if the oxygen our planet will increase drastically
with toxin or do we have time to make the change before turns into a massive carbon
dioxide greenhouse? When the light from the sun is absorbed by the greenhouse
gas. The gasses are then trapped and then all the toxins then get caught and
become greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide Methane and nitrous oxide are the most
common greenhouse gases. Global warming may cause some problems affecting the environment,
but the main issue will be for the people as the air becomes toxic to breath. Ill
go over about how global warming affects us and the world we live in.


global warming, it is necessary to know the cause of greenhouse. The sun rays
are trapped and absorbed naturally in atmospheric steam. Thailand represents
the largest greenhouse gas created in the world as America. The United States
is the main supplier of releasing the most greenhouse gases in the world
followed by China, Steam heat up to 80% of the last 20% greenhouse gas,
resulting from a small number of other gases, the thermal absorption of solar
radiation, carbon dioxide. We produce a lot of carbon dioxide as a person. A
lot of carbon dioxide released when I gasket fossil fuels Increased atmospheric
carbon dioxide for vehicle exhaust, about 80% of CO2 increased for humans using
fossil fuels. When the carbon dioxide atmosphere increases. The light from the
sun is absorbed. The atmosphere of the earth and the earth would be hot as the
result that this occurred. When the world is heated the water, temperature increase
the temperature of the sea and the lake which result a larger release carbon
dioxide. If the sea and the lake become hot. Water evaporation in large
quantities increase the amount of carbon
dioxide to the atmosphere. Every time the temperature continues to increase an
additional carbon dioxide is released. When the process is progressive, it is very difficult to fix.


temperatures and greater impact on global
warming will be affect how the cycle of our
waters. Where on earth will you catch more rain elsewhere?
The large increase in evaporation temperature comes from rivers, wetlands,
oceans. This can be a good thing for the some people and but it can be bad for
many other people. Rising temperatures will provide more rain which will
provide rain and that can help the farmers. This will enhance the development
of the plant. Because they earn more money, it will help the farmers to grow
more. But to much rain can flood their lands and cause pain to farmers as the
fields will become flooded. There are some species out there who will die because
of the large amounts of precipitation.


warming is causing seawater to have
motion patterns. Water that is cooler is
moving towards the equator at the base of the bottom of the sea while warmer
water from the equator is moving to move the pole. This is called thermohaline. This process is very important to
be associated with marine life. Without this process there wouldn’t be any oxygen
at the bottom of the sea. Marine life
could not survive if it were not for this process. Sea life are very sensitive
to this because each species has their own level of temperature they can
tolerate. In the winter season reduced metabolic rate. (hot water for salmon),
because there is less food, good for fishing.


We have caused so much damage to the atmosphere. Coral reefs are dying and
the possible extinction of species and by 2060 the Amazon rain forests will be wiped
clean. Without strong measures to reduce emissions around the world, the world
will become unlivable. Each country will need to find ways to reduce
atmospheric emissions. Industrial countries including the United States will
need to find ways to have a solution to convince the developing countries to
monitor the effects of global warming as a part of the problem for a very long
time.Global warming will change much more as we know
it. This is a big issue and it will become a big problem forever. When
greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide or methane are released, I found the suns rays will close the earth’s
atmosphere making it impossible for the gases to escape. Therefore, even a slight
change in the temperature, the raise of the temperature may cause massive
damage to ours environment. Currently the glacier are melting daily and will
have a serious environmental impact on the Earth. This will change the
temperature water cycle and will damage many of the aquatic life. Some places
will have more rain then other areas and there may be severe drought for other
areas. The ever-increasing melting of the glacier is causing the sea levels to
increase and damaging the cities and the coast of the island. This causes a
serious problem for the different types of life in the sea and can cause many
diseases. If global warming doesn’t stop the issue will just get worse daily
and the future will just get worse for many people and it will make it
difficult to live normally for many.