Gambling facilitate gambling activities everywhere as home or

            Gambling can have a very serious impact on a person’s
finances and socials, especially to gamblers, friends and their families. In a
study conducted in Ireland, the impact of gambling is harmful to social,
studies are conducted to examine how gambling affects borrowers, families and
peers around gamblers, surveys from counselors as well as those who provide
services to assist gamblers, surveys of different ages and different backgrounds
economies, find the same effect that gambling provides to social impact by
damaging the lives of the public. Additionally, gamblers are prone to gambling
at an early age, for example by collecting betting results for family members,
or watching an adult put a bet at a young age leads them to influence to
participate in gambling before the age is allowed by law. Gamblers are
reportedly gambling in secret by separating themselves from family and friends
when they gamble. It is only known by people around the gambler when
relationships with family or friends begin to decline and their gambling
behavior can be known when they can no longer sustain their lives, such as
failing to pay bills or not working well. This will affect the gambler’s
household when money is always spent on gambling indirectly gamblers will
ignore their responsibilities to the family.

advancement also affects the gambler’s growth, for example smartphones, and
computers that facilitate gambling activities everywhere as home or workplace
in secret. This means gamblers are likely to hide their secret gambling
activities for years before the financial crisis and gambler’s emotions become
unpredictable to impact their daily lives. For young people, such technology
will provide exposure for them to engage in gambling. This can begin with the
growing interest in gambling-based games until curiosity and trying to play
real money. In some surveys, people often talk about their concerns over the
young and their addiction risks because of the gaming app and websites that are
easily accessible from smartphones. Meanwhile, there is also an agreement not
to offer a terminal bet to reduce the influence of young people on gambling,
but some irresponsible parties are still conducting gambling activities
illegally for profit. Some gamblers have experienced financial and emotional
problems when they are addicted to gambling. The social damage that comes from
gambling addiction does not just affect the gambler itself, but also affects
people around them as examples, wives, parents, siblings, children and
co-workers. Wives and children of gamblers report that they may have problems
in everyday life, but they believe it is just a matter of marriage, rather than
a gambling addiction. Parents and children of gamblers report that they can no
longer trust gamblers, and can no longer leave home money unattended, and
gamblers themselves will be someone they no longer know.