Future is going to be priced as this.

Future Consideration-

The future considerations involve providing the
translator to the general public. Though it is in the market right now but the
common folks still can’t but it as of now. For example Google’s translator the
Pixel Buds are priced at around INR 12000 but will work only when paired with
the Pixel 2 phone which is priced approximately at INR 60000. The general
public can’t buy it if it is going to be priced as this.
The translator is a need that is going to be needed in the coming time as due
to globalization and increase of import and export people needs to understand
the language. And for how long we can still use the Phrases Translator. We need
a real time language translator that takes input as speech and will translate
it into the output that will be the audio. The idea is to integrate the translator
into something more portable than earphones because one cannot wear the
earphones whole day without fatigue. As Pranav Mistry, Samsung R Director
is currently working on a project to optimize and minimalize the number of
devices we carry. The idea is to make more comfortable wearing device and instead
of the host device we can make a wearable device (such as pendants/bracelets)
that has the computing power for the translator. Moreover different developers
have to provide a common database of the languages to reduce the problems
regarding translation and to increase the number of languages that can be
translated that currently now is 60 to cover all the major languages of the


What I
conveyed and achieved-

The idea conveyed is majorly the existing work
regarding the real time language translator and the importance of such devices in
the need of the current and future generations. The prototype’s idea as well as
the design flow has been discussed. The topic gave me a clear cut idea of how
to proceed with the projects that are social and will help towards the
betterment of the society. The idea is clear that how we optimize the product
and the cost along with the resources that are required. As of now I know that
how to choose topics that are feasible and worthwhile of all the efforts. The
type of project is tough but when implemented correctly will have a major
impact on the society.

The conveyed idea is to promote such projects, instead
of learning about the past we can work for the future.