From past twenty years, the information systems and


From past twenty years, the information systems
and its applications have developed gradually and have been adopted by the market requirement. The evolution of
computers from mainframes, minicomputers, personal
computers to mobiles. The software applications are designed
with the programming, starting from accounting applications to new mobile apps for managing all the information
that a company needs internally as well as externally.The evolution trends of the information
system have incorporated in many new advances as functional advances which cover new areas in the company like
e-commerce, knowledge management and balance sheets, on the
other side new techniques like object oriented programming language, new architectural systems, and programming
structure. It has been observed that there are two
evolutionary trends in information systems from 1980to 2001,1) The primary trend is system design which includes DSS and EIS

Information is simply a collection of properly
arranged data. This IS infrastructures which are created to perform the task of
storing, updating and retrieving of the stored data. The recent hacking of the DNC e-mail and
subsequent influence of it in the outcome of the 45thpresidential election shows the lack of attention which was given in
securing the information and how vulnerable the system can be. In the year 2016 Yahoo had been
breached twice in which was data theft of billions of user accounts. There was
another incident in which around fifteen million people personal information
was exposed when all of them applied for T-Mobile services. The threat need not be just external it can
also come from internal, we are closing to bidding adieu to the era of keeping the infrastructure in
land and sea. We are getting to the epoch of embracing
the infrastructure in Cloud which is relatively safe and secure from physical as well as non-physical threats.

In both scenarios, the important and focused
areas are how the information systems infrastructure evolved and tend towards
the latest functional and technological techniques. These explained the
evaluation of ISI from the beginning era of the computer programming to build
the accounting infrastructure in the companies to accessing the large e-commerce
application in the mobiles also called m-commerce. The connection of companies
internal and external systems are built and using the ERP functional strategy,
similarly, the EDP processes the data such as transaction processing,
record-keeping, and accounting. This summarizes the evolution of information
system infrastructure and trends, and some technologies make disruptions making
older technology obsolete. Some Jobs become obsolete and new opportunities in a
different form are born and a new set of skills in demand.