From my role as insectary manager, I was

From definition,
a project is a short-term work having a defined start and finish carried out to
meet unique aims and objectives. A project is generally considered to be successful
if it attains the objectives according to their approval criteria within an
agreed period of schedule and budget. Project Management is a well-planned and structured
effort to achieve a successful project.

Project Management is gaining grip as a recognized discipline that requires
dedicated resources.

There is therefore
the need for statistical and mathematical analysis and this is where I find
assigned interest in the programme
following my current qualification and I have the confidence that I would make
a very successful project manager.


Again, my
desire to pursue MSc. Project Management has been intensified working with
AngloGold Ashanti Malaria Control Programme.

Ashanti is a major gold mining company and as part of its corporate social
responsibility initiated a 3 year malaria control programme from 2006 to 2009 to reduce the high
level of malaria cases in and around its operational communities. In carrying
out my role as insectary manager, I was able to measure and monitor the success
of the programme
through some entomological indicators. I have been part of the success stories
of the project and due to its rapid impact, the Global fund came in to support.
With funding of about $345 million, we implemented the same model to 45
districts across Ghana for 5 years.

worked for almost 12 years in health projects, I have the commitment to develop
my professional competence to allow me perform excellently in this area in the
future, and so I believe this programme
is best for me.


By the end
of this MSc. Project Management Programme, I will be able to effectively,

my projects and estimate time factors accurately.

how to estimate resources.

documents for evaluation.

will be able to build a network of professionals internationally by discussing
global relevant issues, share best practice and test out theories in my own
working environment.

will move me ahead in life both personally and professionally.


Having studied
the course structure and method of delivery, I am confident it offers students
with the basic knowledge necessary to function in the wider project management level.
I believe that a method of delivery with the combination of theory and
practical gives the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in real life settings.

I expect
to use the individual and group activities to develop my perspective, share my
experiences and learn from experiences of others. The world is now a global
village and if one needs to stay and be recognized internationally then, a
qualification from world class institution is required.

With so
many years of teaching and learning practice in a multi-cultural background,
leading the field in 100% online postgraduate degrees, the University of
Liverpool has all that it takes to prepare me for a rewarding profession and
recognition in Project Management.