Frankenstein Pole and send letters to his sister,

Frankenstein novel by Mary
Shelley that written very well in its time is one of the great masterpieces she
ever had. The novel gives many different perspective of the character
throughout the story that makes it the difficult one. In the beginning of the
story it’s describe about Robert Walton that has an expedition to the North
Pole and send letters to his sister, Margaret in England. Walton tells her that
he met someone, named Victor Frankenstein. He explains what happened during
Victor’s entire life until he marooned in fragment of ice. Throughout his
letters, he told one by one of Victor’s life experiences, by using Victor’s
perspective in the novel and also he warns Walton so he can learn from his life
experiences that he told him.

Victor is a young man from Geneva that has always fascinated by science
till it becomes ambition.  After he grew
up he eventually attended to learn more about science and alchymists, so he
studies a natural science in a university at Ingolstadt. His ambition becomes
bigger by believing that he can create a human being and he decides to make his
experiment. Moreover, his ambition turns in to a negative ambition because
while he creates his creature, his mind becomes uncontrolled. Till one day his experiment
success and the creature he makes by using a pieced of the dead, is alive.
However, in the end of his experiences, he regrets why he should make a kind of
his creature because when it’s alive the creature seen monstrous that make him
horrible to see his creature itself. He is not aware what comes after when his
creature is alive, the consequences faced not only for Victor but also the
others. Thus, this paper in reader response criticism will analyze how the
consequences of Victor Frankenstein’s negative ambition reflected in the Frankenstein novel.

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Victor Frankenstein is one
of the characters that seen have a bigger ambition. The ambition seen in the
novel to know Victor’s ability through creates a human being. As the story told
before his fascinated to science, make him insane to do more than people or scientist
before him, to get acknowledgment that he can do more from the experiment. According
to a journal stated “The ambition is motivational formation and represents
aspiration of a person to be a significant and a recognized personality to
others for real achievements” (Krishcenko et all, 291)

“Such were the professor’s
words-rather let me say such the words of the fate-enounced to destroy me. as
he went on i felt as if my soul were grappling with a palpable enemy: one by
one the various keys were touched which formed the mechanism of my being: chord
after, was surrounded and soon my mind was filled with one thought, one
conception, one purpose… i will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and
unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation.” (Shelley, 37)

The means there is circumstances of what he had been
done to reach his will till it become ambition. His professor does not belief
in what Victor’s learn from his believe in natural philosophy. In addition, he
proves it by his willingness to pioneer a new way, to make his own creation.

Furthermore, the ambition
in Victor character can be described as the negative one. In one of the journal
stated “There are characteristic of ambition as negative quality, reason for
development of ambition and feelings that follow it are all sorts of fears and
dreads; achievement of the goal does not bring a sense of satisfaction and joy;
person experiences persistent anxiety” (Bursukova, 8). In a quote from the
novel, “It was on a dreary night of November, that I beheld the accomplishment
of my toils. With an anxiety that almost amounted to agony, I collected the
instruments of life around me …”(Shelley, 45). It shows that the negative
quality from Victor seen when his experiences persistent the anxiety while he
makes his experiment. Furthermore, Victor’s feeling that his goal about his
creature bring no satisfaction in quote “I had desire it with an ardour that
far exceeded moderation, but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream
vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. Unable to endure
the aspect of the being I had created …”(Shelley, 45-46).  

As a result of his
ambition to make a live in a human being, to challenges what his professor and
challenge the nature, it brings consequences not only for himself but also the
others. A quoted in a journal stated “reason to do an act is consequential if
and only if the reason depends only on the consequences of either doing the act
or not doing the act…. the consequences of an act must be distinct from the
act itself” (Armstrong, 408).The
consequences that he has to faced seen in the novel when explain what Victor
got by making his creature to fulfill his ambition into science until near two
years, he is neglect the people that closes to him and also social life, as
quoted in “… neglect the scenes around me caused me also to forget those
friends who were so many miles absent, and whom I had not seen for so a long
time…”(Shelley, 43), and have and ill body because he spends time to focus on making
his creature, quoted in “I had worked hard for nearly two years, for the sole
purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body. For this I had deprived myself
of rest and health” (Shelley, 45). The consequence of his ambition to make his
creature, the existence of his own creature resents by himself.

Moreover, Victor is not satisfied with the
creature he made with what he expected. He calls it devil, quoted in “Devil, I
exclaimed”(Shelley, 85). Then his creature that he called monster take the
revenge. The first one, is the case of his brother William who murdered by the
hand of his creature. Even if he knows that his creature killed his brother, he
chooses to keep quiet and the consequences of his action to being keep quiet,
Justine who accused as the murder pays with her life even if she did not do.
Therefore, after his creature can learn about human life during wandering, the
monster demands Victor to make a partner who can accept his deficiency because
the monster feels that he was expel by the society. However, Victor decided to
refuse it because he thinks the consequences will be much bigger if he has a
partner. Although, the consequences that victor faced because he could not
granted the wishes of the creature, he placing his closest person in danger.
The death of his brother William, the execution of Justine, murder of his best
friend Clerval, his father who got sick and lastly of his wife, they fall into
Victor’s ambition. Next, as quoted in the novel

“…as I awakened to reason, at the same time
awakened to revenge. As the memory of past misfortunes pressed upon me, I began
to reflect on their cause – the monster whom I had created…I was possessed by a
maddening rage when I thought of him, and desire and ardently prayed that I
might have him within my grasp to wreak a great and signal revenge on his
cursed head” (Shelley, 179)

He has one
more ambition to take revenge for his closest person on the creature that
represent of his ambition, he hunts the monster , and in the end the
consequences in what he was doing is he marooned in an ice, weakening his
health, ill and died.

















Hence, in Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelley argues
about the ambition that one person has, will be followed by consequences for his actions. When a someone’s ambition
become bigger and turn them into the negative ambition, they may never see the
consequences of their ambition or action that may take after they do their own
action, disown responsibility, and the consequence of all is someone will live
with the harsh reality. If his ambition is good then the consequences that
follow will be good and vice versa. Also, with victor’s ambitions that seen as
the negative ambition because of his dissatisfaction with what he does. Victor’s
experiment does not bring a satisfaction in the end of his goal. His
experiences persistent the anxiety while he makes his experiment. The
consequence of his ambition, he live with the harsh reality, his life full of