Forged didn’t seem to care what would happen

Forged by Fire by Sharon Draper faces many consequences that are important and very similar to the topic child abuse. Although there are many more issues in the novel I feel that child abuse is one of the main problems that happen in the story. The main characters I feel get the most abused in the novel is Angel and Gerald. I chose to investigate child abuse because approximately 5  children die everyday because of child abuse. We need to prevent child abuse to stop happening to kids all around the world.             Child abuse is physical maltreatment and or sexual molestation of a child. Parents hit their children to teach them right from wrong. Although sometimes parents take it another way around and it turns out that they are abusing their children in a way. This abuse happens to minors and it comes to a point where children can’t find help. “There are many types of child abuse such as worldwide, psychological, physical, emotional, neglect, psychological abuse, sexual, and physical abuse.” (what are some traits of child abuse; google)                The issue that happened in Forged by fire is in the beginning where Gerald would always get abused by his mother Monique. He would always get hurt by Monique and would have burned spots and bruises from his mother. Apparently that was her discipline to Gerald. That is Gerald’s part of child abuse. Now the other half is Angel which had more experience of child abuse then Gerald she was sexually abused by her own “father” Jordan Sparks. She was also told not to tell anyone about what happened or then her kitty would be cooked. Especially since she was so young and having no choice but to listen to Jordan Sparks.                  Child abuse and Forged by Fire is very common because the main characters Angel and Gerald were both abused by their parents. Jordan and Monique didn’t seem to care what would happen to their gentle growing body’s. This novel handled the realistic issue by showing adults and kids as well that child abuse is wrong to do and you need to handle children with delicate hands.  I feel that the parents that abuse their own children or others should really think about what wrong thing they are doing to others and their minors.                   Overall, child abuse and the story Forged by Fire really does have a connection and should teach others that, this is what causes people to go to jail and just do bad stuff in general. Child abuse should end now and adults and kids should know that little kids need help to get out of this situation to be free. The most important lesson here is that we should all work together to stop this to prevent and should teach others that this is very wrong.