For of this, poems use condensed language, many

For the last two
decades the world has been introduced to computer processors and has tried to
digitalize every written word. Although it makes the process of getting to that
Shakespeare peace that someone from around the world wants faster, many would
agree that once it is not in written form the piece loses its value. With the arise
of technology, many new genres of Pop Culture have appeared and disappeared.
Good examples of new genres would be dubstep music, or movies with computer
generated imagery effects that people have never seen before and adore. Audiences
may view these new pop culture trends as entertainment, but there are artists
in the world who view their type of art as a place to go where you want to
express yourself on a deeper and somewhat intimate level. This is how some
people can understand poetry-as a place for artists to express themselves and
deliver a true intimate feeling.

Poetry itself has
certain recognizable characteristics. Many times, poems highlight dialects of
musical qualities. Artists accomplish the musical dialects through rhyming, rhythm
and meter. On top of this, poems use condensed language, many times very hard
to understand for some and very easy for other. Readers who can relate to their
feelings would have an easier time with understanding the words and getting every
word that the artists is trying to deliver in its own words, sometimes in a
twisted style of using metaphors to bring the emotion on top. If people take
the graphic component of poetry and try to diminish it out perhaps we would be
left with music, which brings an interesting question-can songs be considered
as poems? Lyrics from artists like Bob Dylan or Tupac Shakur often hold up,
even without the music. This can as well be because artists such as Shakur or
Dylan took the time to invest into the lyrics and tried to deliver a message to
the audience that people can understand on a level that meets their daily
situations. Sometimes not having that same situation but hearing someone else’s
story can make the reader or listener to think about what he or she reads and
fall in love with the lyric without the melodic aspect of the song. Important
instances such as powerful lyrics can develop meaningful relationships between
the audience and the artist, regardless of the form they are presented. Some
artists have worked on their ability to write and present the written word,
while others have worked on how to demonstrate the lyrics in a record label. In
every written word it truly comes to one single aspect-whether that piece of
literature, audio or visual symbol is good enough for the audience and how much
the audience would appreciate that piece.

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and more artists who strive to deliver their opinions or true feelings about
common things appear in the world. The appreciation of older pieces that come
from artists such as Shakespeare seem to inspire others and even promote an
approach to poetry which people consider a unique style and a pleasurable
lyrics to read.