First, were felt to have done wrong no

First, the inquisition was a tribunal established by the Roman Catholic in
the Middle Ages for the discovery of heresy. The tribunals singled out non-believers
and other criminals and rendered punishment before formal charges could be
levied. It used torture to gain confessions and repentance from alleged
heretics. The church continued the establishment because they believed that people
were going to choose their path in life whether it turn out good or bad. They were
considered fully responsible for their actions. The religious principles of perpetual
punishment work on the belief that people who choose to commit crimes could
have pursued a different direction. I believe the Inquisition did accomplish
what was needed during that period punishing the ones who were felt to have
done wrong no matter if they had been found guilty in a court of law. The way things
the church was the law, and everyone fell in line with their beliefs.

Then, the two competing systems of prison design in America are the
Pennsylvania and the Auburn systems. The Pennsylvania system began in 1833, in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the opening of the Eastern Penitentiary.  The Pennsylvania system is also known as the
“separate” system for which solitary confinement and silence are most
important. The system of prison discipline using isolation or solitary confinement
with both a work requirement and moral and religious instruction. Inmates would
perform their daily work duties in outside cells. Outside cells positioned at
the end of a corridor. The pros of this system are that it’s easier to control
the prisoners’ activities. It was easy to supervise prisoners determining their
daily behavior. Similar pro is controlling the behavior of prisoner creates a possible
success at correcting the offender. The cons are that it was expensive to build,
and the solitary confinement often led to mental illness.


Meanwhile, The
Auburn system or the “congregate” system, began in 1819, in Auburn, New York,
with the opening of the New York State Prison. The Auburn system is different
from the Pennsylvania system because it has an inside cell design versus
solitary confinement design. The Auburn system has cells that are only made for
sleeping. For the rest of the day, the inmates perform their work duties in
shops. The pros of this system is that it is less costly to build, produces
more money for the state because the inmates spend the day working, the meals
are service in a group setting. This type of system also offers vocational
training. The cons of the Auburn system are that they have less care given to
the needs of each inmate and the cells are a lot smaller. Both systems enforced
silence which controls the behavior of the inmates.


Finally, The
Auburn System is still in use today, because it is more affordable to build and
provides more money to the states. It is bigger than the Pennsylvania system
which allows space to accommodate more prisoners. It has of the two to four
tiers of cells which allows the separation of the prisoners. It also has a
large work area for group labor. The Pennsylvania system is no longer in existence
today due to the solitary confinement design, which led to absurdity for some
of the inmates yet why should the state of mind criminals matter especially if they
committed the crime. In other words, between the two competing systems The Auburn
system has been more useful to the states allowing housing inmates affordable.