Fight back

Lisa raised her hand and wiped her forehead, blood started to drip down her face. She looked at her hands and started to scream, she hadn’t realized she was sitting in a pool of blood. She checked herself and finally realized that the blood wasn’t hers, shocked, she got up and slowly walked towards the door. She suddenly jumped back, banging her spine against the wall and falling onto the floor. Her fathers body laid in front of her, his face had been disfigured and she could hardly tell it was him. A pool of blood surrounded his body, she tried to scream but nothing came out.

There was a baseball bat drenched in blood next to the body, and a riffle that had been thrown to the floor a few meters away. She ran downstairs, just to find her older brothers body on the floor with a bullet through his head. Tears lashed out and she fell down the stairs, she rushed to her brothers body. She held him in her arms and cried, she looked around as she cried for help. She then let go of her brother as she saw two legs hanging from the kitchen ceiling, she walked slowly towards the body and horrified, found it to be her mothers.

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Her body fell to the floor and she cried, she looked around the house and all she could see was death all around. What animal had destroyed her family in such a cruel way, there was no explanation for what she was seeing. She got up and struggled to get outside, she pulled the door open and crawled out. She then just laid on the grass, she was tired. She couldn’t move, she just lay there waiting to die. Lisa sat in the office, she didn’t say a word. She just watched as people walked back and forth down the corridor. The police said that when they found her she was out of it, she didn’t know where she was.

She was the soul survivor of the massacre that had taken place in her home, the night before. They wrapped her in blankets, her nightgown was full of blood. She had cuts on her face, bruises and a broken lip. Although she didn’t seem to feel pain, those scars would be nothing compared to the ones that would be left behind as a result of seeing her family slaughtered. Flashes of the bodies kept rushing through her head, she shook her head each time one appeared trying to make it go away. A man dressed in a police uniform walked into the office with a file in his hand, Lisa looked at him and at the file in his hand and then looked down again.

He sat down in a chair next to her, put the file down on the table and leaned towards Lisa. She looked at his face, his eyes were full of pain. She could feel his pain, she knew he didn’t like this moment as much as her. Suddenly a woman entered the room, she was dressed with casual clothes. The man got up and shook her hand, she walked over to Lisa and kneeled down next to her. She spent hours sitting there going over the incident, she didn’t remember anything. She just stared at the wall, the woman’s constant babbling was drowned out.

Lisa just kept seeing her families bodies lying on the floor, she had lost her family. It all seemed to be a terrible nightmare, a nightmare that she would never wake up from. She felt scared, lonely. What was she going to do from now on, who would take care of her. Tears ran down her cheek, and she started to tremble. The woman stopped talking, she walked over to the door, opened it and called out for somebody. The next minute, another officer came in with a blanket and put it over Lisa. He then took her to a shelter, a place where there were more children.

Waiting at the door was an older woman, she had a big smile on her face. The officer got out of the car and spoke to the woman, he then walked back to the car accompanied by the woman and she took hold of Lisa who was still trembling. The shelter looked like an orphanage, Lisa had her own room. She spent the first few days just lying on the bed, she didn’t feel like talking to anyone. After a while she decided to go outside, she sat in a chair and watched as three children played with their dolls. She watched closely as the girl would change the dolls dipper, feed her and cuddle her to sleep.

She thought about how her mother used to cuddle her to sleep when she had nightmares, how she would never be able to feel her mothers breath slowly whisper comforting words into her ear. Lisa suddenly heard a shot, she looked up and saw that it was the TV. Somebody had just shot someone in a series, Lisa was suddenly taken back to her home. She saw her brother get shot, she remember how her brother shouted out for the person to stop. Lisa was standing at the foot of the stairs, she saw how her brother was suddenly thrown back by the bullet.

How blood began to run down the floor, she screamed. She was suddenly shaken back to reality by one of the workers at the orphanage, everyone stared at Lisa. She ran to her room and jumped on the bed, she tried to remember but was blank. Who had shot her brother, if only she could make out his face. Then she could give the police a description of the killer, she shut her eyes and tried to go back but couldn’t. Days went past and the police still had no news to give Lisa, they couldn’t explain the indecent. There were no fingerprints apart from Lisa’s, nothing was certain.

Lisa waltzed around trying to find the answers, she had vague flashes now and then but nothing accurate. She tried to remember that day, what had happened on that tragic day. She remember going to school, coming home, having lunch, watching TV. Everything seemed clear until it got dark, then it was like a blackout. She couldn’t make out what had gone on since then, she remembered shouting coming from downstairs. She went to look and that must have been when her brother was shot, she tried to think harder but it was useless. That night Lisa couldn’t get to sleep, she stepped out of her room and sat to watch TV.

There was nothing on that really interested her, she left a baseball game on. She sat on the couch and just stared at the walls, whole run, the baseball had just hit a whole run. Lisa suddenly leaned towards the TV, baseball. She saw somebody hit her father over the head with a baseball bat repeatedly, she must have been near. She could see everything so clearly, whoever killed him must have been after her as well. Something must have happened for him to run away without finishing his job, but what. Lisa decided to tell the police the next day what she had remember, maybe it could help them in finding the killer.

The next day one of the woman from the orphanage accompanied her to the police station to make her statement, she went over her story hundreds of times. The police couldn’t understand why the person who had murdered Lisa’s family hadn’t killed her too, what had happened to make him run away. Why did he want to kill her family, there were so many questions to be answered. Lisa told them how she remembered shouting, how she went to look and then suddenly saw her brother being pointed by a gun. She then remembered being upstairs and seeing how her father was being battered by a baseball bat, she must have been hiding.

Maybe the killer didn’t see her, she couldn’t remember what happened next. Just when she got up again and found the bodies scattered across the floor covered in blood, the rest was a blank. The officer rubbed his hands over his face, his eyes told Lisa he was tired. She felt useless, her statement didn’t help at all. If anything, it caused more confusion. Lisa sat in the chair, she felt stupid. She looked around, there was a wall with photos pinned on it. It was photos of her families bodies, she looked closely at the photos and suddenly got another flash. She saw her mother, hanging from the kitchen.

How she and her brother ran to help her, she could feel her mothers pain. Her face was pale, they tried to help her but then someone smashed the door open. Her brother pushed her away and she ran to the stairs, that’s when the person shot her brother. She tried to remember who it was but couldn’t see the assassins face, it was blurry. She told the officer, but it didn’t really help much. There were still many unsolved enigmas, everything seemed to end in nothing. No proof, no motive, no suspects. Nothing to go on, just Lisa’s flashes. Lisa was taken back to the orphanage, while driving back.

She leaned her head against the window, she kept thinking about the incident. She tried to concentrate on her mother, go back to that moment. It was a night like every other, she was upstairs doing her homework. Her brother was downstairs watching TV and her mother was in the kitchen fixing dinner, she heard shouting from downstairs she went to look. She saw her brother screaming at her to come down, they ran into the kitchen where they saw their mother hanging from the ceiling. There was a rope caught on the lamp and she was dying, her face was pale and they could hear her gasping for her last breath.

They tried to help her, holding up her feet but it was useless. Suddenly the door was slammed opened, somebody came in. She remembered being scared, both her and her brother looked shocked. She looked straight into the killers face, she looked into his eyes and saw nothing. No feeling, no emotions, no mercy. Her brother pushed her away as the killer pulled the trigger, Lisa remembered running up the stairs. She couldn’t make out his face, it was a big blur. She then remembered someone bashing her father to death with the baseball bat, she sulked. She was angry, why couldn’t she make out the face of the killer.

That enigma haunted her, she couldn’t remember but knew that it was there. She could feel his killer instinct, his emptiness and determination. Who had slaughtered her family, who had destroyed her life in such way. Lisa knew that the only way she could find out what had happened was going back to the house, that’s where all the answers were. She decided to go there at night after lights had gone out, when everyone was asleep. She crept out of her bedroom window and ran down the street, her heart was pounding like there was no tomorrow and she could hear her heavy breath clashing against the cool breeze.

When she was standing in front of her front porch, she had to pluck up the courage to go in. She took a deep breath, tightened her fists and walked in. There was her brother laying on the couch watching a football game, she stood at the foot of the stairs and watched as he suddenly got up to get something in the kitchen and started to scream. She looked up as she saw herself run down the stairs, her brother was shouting at her. She watched as they ran to their mothers aid, suddenly being startled by the door. She turned around and saw her father standing in the hallway, his eyes were empty.

He had lost all feeling, Lisa held her hand to her chest. She fell back against the stairs as she watched her father pull the trigger on his own son, she saw her brother pleading. Bang, the rifle went off. She saw herself running up the stairs, her father followed her. He kept calling out to her, she watched as he searched upstairs looking for her. Lisa stared at a mirror in the bathroom wall, she looked at her face. She looked into her eyes and saw the same emptiness, she saw the same killer instinct that she had seen in her fathers eyes. She could feel his pain and his anger, she looked back at herself and swathe face of a killer.

She jumped back and raised her hands to her mouth, she finally remembered. She turned her head to see herself run out of her brothers bedroom with a baseball bat and hitting her father repeatedly over the head, trying to escape death. She watched horrified as she battered her father to death, she saw the darkness in her eyes. She couldn’t let go of the bat, she kept pounding it in his face leaving him completely disfigured. She saw how she dropped the bat on the floor and ran into the bathroom, it was a nightmare she repeated as she fell to the floor in shock. What had she just done, was it real or was it just another dream.

Lisa felt faint, she had murdered her father and he had murdered her mother and brother. Why, what had happened for him to act this way. Why would he want to get rid of his family, why take away the only thing left in his life. She cried, she sat at the foot of the stairs and balled her eyes out. She looked at her hands, they were bloody hands. Assassins hands, she had the killer instinct inside her. She couldn’t keep living like that, who knows if she would be able to control it. She felt empty, she had no reason for living. Her family ha gone, she was a murderer.