” fiction movie. This specific phenomenon does not

” Space/Time Flow” is an
adjective of a Networked Society, firstly introduced by Castell (2004).

This phenomenon does not
replace the main principle of space and time, it explains the existence of such
without any boundaries and limitations. 
Living in an era of “Networked Society” allows us to travel through
different locations and time zones with only one click. Being at multiple
places at one time is a possibility to everyone with an Internet connection.
The most appropriate example for this is social media channels and trends. We
could be far away from home, talking with our family while writing an article
that will be published in a third country. Our presence is not highly
determined, there are no more economical and social boundaries. Moreover, bank
and financial systems are working nonstop, on a global level, at any given
time. If people who lived on this planet only 50 years ago could have seen what
we are capable to do today, they would think we have some extraordinary
superpowers, or we are coming from a science fiction movie. This specific
phenomenon does not only let us be connected with our loved ones on the go, it
gives us a new opportunity of meeting people around the globe and starting new
carriers easier than ever at any time. The bigger contribution to human living
does not exist.

What is the role of
social media in all of this?

The role of social media
is to connect unlimitedly space and time with an individual, allowing
amalgamation of past, present, and future in a random order. If

this phenomenon is still
not clear to you, take your phone, go to any social media channel, and think.
Does it really matter where you are, what time is it? No, what was the present
is now past and the future is present, all in a millisecond.

To conclude, I could have
chosen an easier and less complex example, however, the World and especially
Networked Society are complex terms which impacts should be known better.