FACULTY item. A good Pharmacy management system will

            FACULTY OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICSDepartmentof management information systemGradution_project 1&2 Submittedby: AMMAR KHALED AL-ASBAHI       141805461   Contents ABSTRACT.


3 2. RELATED WORKS: 5 2.1 Disadvantages of old system.. 5 2.2 Advantages of new system..


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6 2.4 Goals & Objectives of pharmacy management system: 7 2.5 Utilization of pharmacy management system: 8 2.

6 Functionalities provided by Pharmacy Management System are as follows; 9 3. PROPOSED METHODOLOGY: 10 3.1 System Analysis. 10 3.1.2Software specification. 11 3.2.

Visual Studio 2017. 12 3.2. SQL 2014.

13       ABSTRACTThis project is aimed at developing a desktop based application namedPharmacy Management System for managing the Pharmacy system of anyorganization. The Pharmacy Management System (PMS) refers to the system andprocesses to manage the stock of organization with the involvement ofTechnology system. This system can be used to store the details of thePharmacy, stock maintenance, update the Pharmacy based on the sales details,generate sales and Pharmacy report daily or weekly base. This project is categorizedindividual aspects of the sales and Pharmacy management system. In this system,we are solving a different problem affecting to direct sales management andpurchase management. Pharmacy Management System is important to ensure quality control in businessesthat handle transactions resolving around consumer goods. Without properPharmacy control, a large retail store may run out of stock on an importantitem.

A good Pharmacy management system will alert the wholesaler when it istime to record. Pharmacy Management System is also of important means ofautomatically tracking large shipment. An automated Pharmacy Management Systemhelps to minimize the errors while recording the stock.                             1.INTRODUCTION               The development of pharmacy management system what is meant here is the process of automating any conversion from work depends on the human effort in everything to work based on information technology or building the information system of the company                The purpose of the automation or establishment of the information system of the company is to reduce errors and achieve the highest rate of validity of data entered and reduce the cost by combining the data shared in a single database while maintaining the independence and purpose of control and relationship and maintain their exit from reports as they are according to their importance in the manual system. Also, the system of the company helps in the decision-making processes easily and accurately since the information system stores all the data is the main source of information if the accuracy of the data and the availability of information accurately and the system helped speed decision-making appropriate, helps in the planning and control of the company and reducing the time for workers which leads to any reduction in cost.

These reasons lead to achieving the highest rate of profitability to the organization that wants to automate its work.               Making automation of the work and the establishment of information systems for the organizations is very important to achieve the full administrative success of any system, whatever type of work. Mechanization occurs as a natural result in the life cycle of systems.Life cycle model of systems: It is meant that any system has a period of time and then become unusable for any non-compatible with the current environment and must be replaced by a new system or developed to match the current environment, For example, the current pharmacy management system, which is mechanized in the past, relies on records and manual works in everything. It is now no longer compatible with the current environment. It will be replaced by a new system based on computer and information technology to be more in line with the surrounding environment.There are several systematic steps within the life cycle model of systems.

               This project has four main processes:·         Part 1: The area of research or study and its importance for science, technology or national economy  ·         Part 2: What was done in this area before and what problems were still not solved or solved not satisfactory Part. ·         Part 3: What is the goal of this paper and what is new in the proposed method Part.·         Part 4: Outline of the paper. 2. RELATED WORKS:2.1 Disadvantages of old systemAs weknow the manual process is quite tedious, time-consuming, less accurate incomparison to computerized processing.

Obviously, the present system is not isexception consultant encountering all the above problems. ·        Time Consuming.·        It is very tedious.·        All information is not placed separately. ·        Lot of paperwork.·        Slow data processing, not theuser-friendly environment.

·        It is difficult to found records due filemanagement system.2.2 Advantages of new systemIn thenew computerized system, I tried to give these facilities. ·        Manually system changes into thecomputerized system. ·        Friendly user interface. ·        Time-saving.

Paper Saving ·        Connecting to the database so we use adifferent type of queries, data report. Give facility of different type ofinquiry ·        Formatted data.·        Data are easily to modifying.2.3 IMPORTANCE OF PROBLEM·        To computerize all details regardingimporter, customer details & pharmacy details.·        To automate the process of ward entries.·        To maintain records effectively.

·        To manage a current store of pharmacy andavailability.·        The project has information regarding theimporter details, customer·        Details, billing details and salesdetails.·        This project includes modules such as1)     Staff Details PersonnelDetailsGivespecial authentication to each userMonitorstuff actions   CustomerDetails 2)     Personnel DetailsCountcustomer balanceImporterDetails PersonnelDetailsCountimporter balance3)     Product Detailsprofit expireddataamountof productsItemplace in store Companyprovide it4)     Billing Additem Deleteitem Makediscount for item  Salesand buy billingResaleand rebuyExpiredreport2.4 Goals & Objectives of pharmacymanagement system:1)     Pharmacy Management Module: Used formanaging the Pharmacy details.

2)     Pharmacy Module: Used for managing the details of Pharmacy  3)     Sells Module Used for managing the detailsof Sells 4)     Medicines Management Module: Used formanaging the information and details of the Medicines. 5)     Stocks Module _ Used to manage ng theStocks details 6)     Company Module: Used for managing theCompany information 7)     Login Module. Used for managing the logindetails 8)     Users Module Used to manage ng the usersof the system2.

5 Utilization of pharmacy managementsystem:It mayhelp collecting perfect management in details. In a very short time, thecollection will be obvious, simple and sensible. It will help a person to knowthe Management of passed year perfectly and vividly. It also helps in currentall works relative to Pharmacy Management System. It will be also reduced thecost of collecting the management and collection procedure will go on smoothly.

            My project aims at Business processautomation; I have tried to computerize various processes of PharmacyManagement System. In the computer system the person has to fill the variousforms number of copies of the forms can be easily generated at a time. Additionally,it’s not necessary to create the manifest but we can directly print it, whichsaves our time. ·        To assist the staff and capturing theeffort spent on their respective working areas.

·        To utilize resources in an efficientmanner by increasing their productivity through automation. ·        The system generates types of informationthat can be used for various purposes. ·        It satisfies the user requirement ·        Be easy to understand by the user andoperator ·        Be easy to operate ·        Have a good user interface ·        Be expandable·        Delivered on schedule within the budget2.6 Functionalities provided by Pharmacy ManagementSystem are as follows;·        Provides the searchingfacilities based on various factors. Such as Pharmacy, ·        Stocks, Company, Pharmacy.·        Pharmacy Management Systemalso manages the Sells details online  ·        Company details, Pharmacydetails, Pharmacy. ·        It tracks all the informationof Medicines, Sells, Company etc ·        Manage the information onMedicines ·        Shows the information anddescription of the Pharmacy, Stocks ·        To increase efficiency ofmanaging the Pharmacy, Medicines ·        It deals with monitoring theinformation and transactions of Company.

·        Manage the information ofPharmacy ·        Editing, adding and updatingof Records s improved which results in n proper resource management of Pharmacydata. ·        Manage the information ofcompany ·        Integration of all records ofPharmacy  ·        Reports of Pharmacy ManagementSystem: ·        It generates the report onPharmacy, Medicines, Sells ·        Provide filter reports onStocks, Company, Pharmacy  ·        You can easily export PDF forthe Pharmacy, Sells, Company ·        Application also providesexcel export for Medicines, Stocks, Pharmacy ·        You can also export the reportinto CSV format for Pharmacy, Medicines, Pharmacy  3. PROPOSED METHODOLOGY:When a student has anidea for a Graduation project to be graduate from university, how does thatidea become reality? How do they go about making it happen? I selected the systems-developmentlife cycle (SDLC).1.

     SystemAnalysis2.     SystemDesign3.     Implementation4.     Testing3.1 System AnalysisTo create this system, itneeds serval of tools and environment is used for developing the proposed ofthe project. The Programming that software is created by programming is theprocess of making a set of order and logical instructions for a digital deviceto follow using a programming language. The functional of programming isusually called coding in order to the syntax of a programming language is notin a form that all can understand it is in code.

The process of developing asoftware is not always easy, sitting down and writing some code.   3.1.1Hardware specification;  Hardware Hardware Requirement Processor Core 2 duo or higher RAM 1 GB or Greater Hard-disk Space 120 GB(Free space ) Monitor Plug and play monitor Mouse Microsoft PS/2 MOUSE Keyboard Standard 101/102 key 3.1.

2Softwarespecification     Software Software Requirement Front End Visual Studio 2017 Database Sql 2014 Back End NET Framework connectivity Internet  3.2. Visual Studio 2017The main integrated development environment ofMicrosoft. Allows programming of the scripts along with Web services, Webapplications, Web sites and Windows Form supported by Microsoft Windows,Windows Mobile, . Net Framework and Microsoft Silverlight.Visual Studio has a code editor that supportsIntelligence technology and code rewriting.

It also contains an interpreterthat detects run-time errors. The interpreter detects spelling errors in codes.It also includes a sample designer to build a graphical user interface, a webdesigner, and a class designer. Data and designer for crystal reports.

The Visual Studio contains a code editor that supportssyntax and automatic completion. It also uses smart technology to asset theprogrammer to write variables, functions, methods, and courses quickly. Theeditor supports the writing of all the programming and coding languages??contained in the Visual Studio.

Visual Studio’s code editor also supports the abilityto bookmark the code to help with fast browsing, also supports the possibilityof collapsing and expanding code groups, searching and replacing in code, andalso supports code snippets, which are ready templates of code to be insertedand changes within the projects in progress. Also the possibility of rewritingthe code.A development environment and a programming languagefrom Microsoft based on the famous BASIC language. They are categorized asobject programming languages. Since Microsoft began to release Visual Basic, ithas been very successful and popular among programmers because of its extremeease in the face of the extreme complexity faced by any programmer seeking toprogram Windows using C or C ++. Overall, Visual Basic complies with databaseand application applications for small businesses and account software. It isconvenient, easy and purpose-oriented. It also allows the programmer to focuson solving the problem.

He often has no technical difficulties when writing aVisual Basic program. However, it should be noted that the Visual Basic programsare not fully translated into machine language such as C ++ or Delphi, buttranslated into a middle code that communicates with a “Run Timelibrary” called MSVBM.dll with the replacement of question marks with theversion number.3.2.SQL2014SQL stands for Structured Query Language Is a relational database program produced by Microsoft, the main functionfor it save and update and modifying the data is coming from c programming andit is had a lot of advantage:1.     DatamanagementSQL Server allows you to manage and exploit vast amounts ofdata smoothly and securely.

in SQL Server solutions provide you hours of timeand minimize errors with built-in compression and partitioning. And with theuse of a huge amount of data and the growth of the institution continuously andadd more and more devices. Finding a solution can be very costly andinefficient. SQL Server Capability Data compression, backup and database can bean advantage for organizations seeking to increase space and processing powerwithout incurring excessive costs or maintaining and producing headaches.2.     ConnectivityWith SQL Server, you can manage multiple types of datathrough a single database to get the greatest value from your data.

This maymean showing profits from different projects along with relevant data that canshow your business success and work to improve them. will work with yourcompany on its goals to integrate your data in a way that specifically servesyour best needs.3.

     Easeof useSQL Server enables users to make data easy to recover withbuilt-in data mining integrates SQL Server into familiar tools like MicrosoftWord and Excel, bringing your data directly to your fingertips.4.      AuditWhether it is government regulations, medicalcompliance, or to meet the specific needs of the organization, auditing can bea daunting, complex task. SQL Server in Audit provides a centralized mechanismto capture a database server or related procedures.

3.3 .Net Framework This Is a Microsoft programmatic framework for runningprograms that can be installed on computers loaded with Microsoft Windowsoperating systems. It is usually supplied with the operating system (for bothclient and server as well as for mobile). The operating system includes WindowsVista and Windows Server 2008. It is available free of charge on the Microsoftwebsite for download for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

The .NET Frameworkis also available for download from the site, but as a separate version.The .NET Framework is a link between the program andthe operating system, to produce or run programs independent of the machine, ieprograms that can work regardless of the environment and the device on whichyou work, only provide a .NET Framework for the programs originally built forthis framework.The .net framework stands between the operating systemand our software, and the operating system stands between it and the hardware.

This brings the picture closer to understanding. The software requests servicesfrom the .NET framework, and the framework connects these requests to theoperating system. Here is the most important feature of the Dot Net (theability to work on any device). Net to the operating system by type, and theoperating system to hardware by type, our program, which we wrote on WindowsXP, for example, when running on Vista, the same orders Which we wrote on XPwill be implemented in Vista because the Dot Net framework can “speak XPand can speak Vista”, which frees the programmer from rewriting hisprogram for each system. “Any device” means: laptops, mobile phones.