Explain the iTunes store was complicated and innovative

  Explainhow their online activities have changed over time to meet customer demand andchanges in technology. ITunes  What has changedonline for iTunes to meet a customer need, and how has it changed?When apple was first launched and for a while after that theiTunes function was only accessible for customers in the U.S, this was up untilthe year 2004 when there was multiple launches of iTunes in Europe. The firstcountries in Europe to get access to iTunes were the following countries France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy,Austria, Germany, Greece, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and the Luxembourg.

Source of this information: https://www.lifewire.com/itunes-store-history-2438593   Why it haschanged?The reason that it has changed is because the company wantsto make more money as that is the aim for all businesses and the one of theways they could do this is by spreading iTunes globally causing unsatisfiedcustomer outside of America to be satisfied now that they have what they want.     What has changedonline for iTunes to meet another customer need, and how has it changed?Apples online store also known as the iTunes store wasinitiated its launch on the 28th April in the year 2003. The idea of the iTunesstore was complicated and innovative as it was a virtual store. When the iTunesstore was first launched it only have the ability to have 200,000 songs onthere this is a miniscule amount compared to know it currently has over37,000,000 songs at the moment this is a great change because this tells usthat it expands the target market and this this changes meets the customer’sneeds   Why it haschanged?They changed the amount of songs through the years becausethen it is well suitable for a bigger range of users as well as there being alot more artists now days that are creating music that is trending massively.They added a lot of different genres of music so that it can cater for morethan one group of people that like the same genre of music and if they caterfor the other groups then they will get more money coming in than out as theyare going to buy songs from the genre of music that they like.

         What has changedonline for iTunes because of a change in technology, and how has it changed?One of the things that has changed because of the change intechnology is that there are way more songs than there used to be. So they wentfrom having 200,000 songs at the beginning to then having 37,000,000 songs onthere currently. There is no limitation on iTunes itself as to how many songsyou can buy.        Why it haschanged?The reason why it has changed is because there is a lot ofmoney now days and that money pays for research and that research can producestuff like better technology so they companies have to alter their products sothat they are then up to the standard of the other technology and there is thencompetition in the market .