Executive talk to a customer who bothers to



Social media became a big part of our lives, so we have to
be able to keep up with this new innovation. The data below shows us that it
can have many advantages that we can use to improve our relationships with the
new and old customer.

Social media can help companies hear customers, their
feedback helps consider new additions and changes to the product or a service.

Platforms like Facebook
and Twitter give back to businesses the form of real-time feedback. It helps to
analyze mistakes and unsuccessful commercials right away, so one can change
something in the future. (G. Vaynerchuk, 2011)

Apparently, customers
can share their negative feedback with the help of social media, but it’s not
always a bad idea because you can resolve the problem and satisfy an angry

The complaining customer who uses social
media is a better customer to have than a silent one. You can talk to a
customer who bothers to complain. If you think it’s warranted, you can
apologize. If you wish, you can explain yourself or ask for a second
chance.  (G. Vaynerchuk, 2011)

Social media is a new
opportunity for companies to change the world of the marketing.





         Date: January
4, 2018

         To: Ms.
Roberta Morrow, Marketing Manager

Yehor Yatsenko, Marketing representative

Social media advertising




The following report will provide information about Social
media advertising. A modern world is completely dependent on a social media
nowadays. People spend so much time using different platforms on their devices.
A social media advertising can be a useful tool for businesses that want to
succeed among competitors and gain new customers.




Social media
resources become very popular in the couple last years. Many people use this
source of information instead of common ones such as “television, radio, and
magazines.” (Schivinski, Dabrowski, 2016, p. 2)

The way people
interact has changed nowadays. Individuals can communicate with each other
without barriers such as brands and companies that want to control the opinion
of the masses.

of the brand influence on opinion of their friends and community, this type of
network calls social media (Schivinski, Dabrowski, 2016, p. 3)

Do you need to
promote your business or a product? Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the
main tools that you can use for this task. We all know that platforms mentioned
above have billions of followers, so you can use this feature to be visible for
people who are interested in your product or service. (Mahesh & Amulya, 2013, p. 162, p. 4)


The Internet is a
perfect place for an advertising nowadays. Times have changed and information
flows from different sources to people. It’s very handy for people as well as
for companies.

One of the main
sources today is a video platform YouTube. One can make an “alive” commercials
that can interest viewers, meaning just a random person became a potential
customer of your company. “Trust and goodwill are the basis of social
networking, and by marketing, in the realm of social media, these fundamental
notions need to adhere. It is probably the only marketing stage that encourages
perfect communication and accountability among consumers” (Mahesh & Amulya, 2013, p.

We hear that more and more people spend their lives in the
virtual reality “worlds”. It might be a scary thing, but the fact is that you
cannot ignore this. It’s a big part of our lives.

Social media became a game changer in the world of
marketing. More and more companies spend time and money on this venture. The
new era of advertising has occurred.  (Mahesh & Amulya, 2013, p. 6)



Analysis & Examples

v  “69% of online shoppers use social media
according to “2010 Social Media Report”

v  “56% of shoppers indicate that they visit
e-retail websites on a social networking site and that website visiting affects
consumer purchase intention.”

(Chung, Austria, 2010 p. 582, para. 2)

The opinion of the
consumer in regards to the brand is a very important thing for companies.
Different social platforms help users to share some feedback, and those
comments form an image of the firm to others. “It helps to associate a value
with brand/ product/organization and making purchase decisions” (Singh &
Singhal (Jul-Dec 2016, p.33 para. 1).

Social media helps
customers and brands to be close as much as it is possible. “A global survey of
salespeople reported that nearly 50%
buyers witnessed an increase in the buying process through the role of social
media” (Singh & Singhal (Jul-Dec 2016, p. 33, para. 2).

Circulation of the ideas
on the Internet helps customers to be involved and interested in the
discussions in regards to the product or a service. Trust is another point that
is a very important aspect of the business, so it can be touched by the social
media as well. (Singh & Singhal (Jul-Dec 2016, p. 33, p. 5).

Phones are our best
friends nowadays. They are with us every day and everywhere. People work, study
and entertain with the help of these small devices. No one uses PC as much as
before. One of the most popular categories for apps is social media. It’s
definitely becoming easier to communicate with each other. You can gather
information from different sources such as your friends, relatives, co-workers
etc., and then decide what to do. It’s much easier as it was before, and of
course, it doesn’t consume as much time. 


Successful using of social media


We have an example of
the established old Australian brand that had a really hard time and was almost
near a bankruptcy. It’s an awful situation for every manager, especially in a
high – competitive area such as food production, but the answer was covered in
social media. “The company was able to use influencers, Tweets, direct
messages, and Facebook posts quickly to rally sympathetic support from
Australians across the country to purchase its products and save a 100-year-old
brand.” (Fulgoni,

Chobani Yogurt

This company used social
media to fulfill a big cut in the budget. They’ve engaged some food bloggers
and other people who are related to this area to post and to recommend Chobani
products, and the impact was huge. Problem with the budget was resolved. (Fulgoni, 2015)


There are many
opinions on the social media. Some people agree that it helps businesses, some
people don’t. Everything varies from industry to industry because different
circumstances can influence the outcome, but facts show that it might take the
pedestal of the main advertising tool in the future. (Mahesh & Amulya, 2013, p. 163, para. 2)

“The statistics from
CompTIA’s Social Business: Trends and Opportunities study showed the following

v Cost
savings 51%?

v Brand
positioning 49%

v Real-time
customer satisfaction 48%

v Potential
lead generation 43%?

& Amulya, 2013, p. 163, para. 2)

Another advantage of social media is a price. It’s free. Every
person who knows how to use simple interface of the platforms can post his/her
posts. When you know how to use right words with the right tone, one can gain
thousands of followers, meaning potential customers.

I’m the person who doesn’t like commercials, and I personally think
that bad advertisements just harm to the business, but social media platforms
don’t have standards and the users are open to new experiments and ideas, so
it’s really hard to post something bad.


Conclusion & Recommendation

We live in the 21st
century, so technologies are an important part of our lives. We have to accept
this and use advantages that definitely can be really helpful for companies
that want to get new customers.

Many people just search
information about your company right away in social media, so you have to be
present there. Customers will not lose interest because no one wants to go to
different sites and search for various sources, where you can find some

Save time and efforts!

I recommend using social
media advertising for our products. It’s unconventional part of marketing for a
successful firm in 2018.