Every get to buy the new Ferrari, pay

Every year, thousand of affluent upper class men and women loose millions of kronor on taxes. Money they could have spent on Cafe Opera, Dom Perignon and new Ferrari’s. Taxes is not the Upper Class’s only difficulty, what if the old Ferrari can’t start in the morning? What if the housekeeper put your bible the Cornisseur on the wrong coffee table. We need to seriously take care of our Upper class more because if it would not be for them, who else would pay for Stefan Löfven’s dinner’s at Riche. Do you really want to ruin our precent leader of our country?

Think about how difficult it is for them when all they want to do is go to NK and drink a glass of champagne in the champagnebar and when they arrive at Hamngatan it is a working class demonstration outside so that they cannot walk down to the main entrance and look at the Christmas decorations in the windows on the way down. This is purely awful. They are not able to buy a new Rolex watch because someone is not happy with how women are treated. It is so disrespectful. How would you feel if someone were to demonstrate outside your dining room or wardrobe? Wouldn’t that feel disrespectful to you?

So how should we solve this problem then? Lower taxes?
No the solution we should use to solve at least a part of this problem is to give back to them. What do I mean by giving back to them? All the tax money they have given up to the failed welfare in Sweden they should get back. Instead of giving up money to our welfare system that still does not work we should give that money to the Upper Class. Think about how much money they would get to buy the new Ferrari, pay for a better housekeeper than the one that puts the Cornisseur on the wrong coffee table and actually be able to go to cafe opera and drink Dom Perrignion more than only two days per week.

Maybe they would be able to invest in a ban of demonstration at Hamngatan so that they are able to buy a new Rolex watch, or maybe a Birkin Bag whenever they are down and feel like cheering up.

This might lead to some people down in the working class being dissatisfied of where their money go to, only being able to demonstrate on Ringvägen and Götgatan down at Söder. Demonstrate for their rights, to not need to pay for someone else’s happiness and investments, because why in the world should you pay for someone else’s life in the society, for someone else’s ability to go into town, for someone else’s living so that they can live a better life, for someone else’s education and healthcare.

So to conclude this, the Upper Class need more support and the only right way of this to happen is by giving back money to them that they have lost on shitty taxes, at last they will benefit from taxes at last. I would say that everyone will live happily ever after but then I remembered the working class wont because they wont get the upper class’s money anymore.