Euthanasia 20s with conditions including “therapy resistant” anorexia

 Euthanasia is a homicide. This is usually used when a patient has been in a painful situation or condition. Such as having a terminal illness, depression, or cancer. This decision if the patient should have Euthanasia is made by relatives, courts, and medics. In my opinion I think Euthanasia should not be made legal. I think this because it’s unnecessary there is palliative care that patients can have to change there mind of having Euthanasia, it can also lead to patient’s death that have been wrongly diagnosed, and most patients that want Euthanasia are depressed and really don’t need it. An important reason why Euthanasia should not be legalized is that many patients that ask for it are usually depressed and really don’t want it. For example, ” Dutch sex abuse victim in her 20s with conditions including “therapy resistant” anorexia and chronic depression, whose request for euthanasia was granted” ( This proves that only because she was going through depression ,an eating disorder, and was therapy resistant her request was granted. Im my opinion this shows that only because she was suffering in many ways and help wasn’t given the patient requested Euthanasia without really wanting it. Many patients that don’t know if they’ll get through what they are going through think they have no choice but to pick Euthanasia, but that’s not true! Their are plenty of other choices! Coupled with these reasons Euthanasia is also very unnecessary to do! There is palliative care that patients can have instead of Euthanasia. Procon says that “Palliative care is physical, emotional and spiritual care for a dying person when cure is not possible” and they also say “Competent palliative care may well be enough to prevent a person feeling any need to contemplate euthanasia” ( Procon ). Based on this research it is clear that palliative care is very helpful. It can even change the patient’s mind of having Euthanasia. The final reason why Euthanasia should not be made legal is that many patients death from Euthanasia have been wrongly diagnosed. For example, the website states “We are concerned that legalising euthanasia and assisted suicide will inevitably lead to the killing of people who are either wrongly diagnosed or given an unduly pessimistic prognosis”. Clearly, it is true many doctors have wrongly diagnosed patients with needing Euthanasia. And doctors might still be doing it today! This will increase the rate of the killing of people!Not everybody agrees that Euthanasia should not be legalized. Others believe that it should be made legal. For example , Jasper Emmering a research physician disagrees with me by saying “I support legal euthanasia for a number of reasons. First comes the principle of sovereignty of the individual over his own body. Then there is a practical matter: the moral distinction between abstaining from life-saving treatment, palliative sedation and euthanasia is very murky, for me it doesn’t exist at all. Therefore it makes no sense that the first two are legal while the third is not.” Although this is valid , my claim makes more sense because people shouldn’t have the right to kill their patients. Not even if there family and doctors request Euthanasia! Patients, doctors and family need to understand the value of life!There are many reasons to believe that Euthanasia should not be made legal. For example, patients have died from being wrongly diagnosed. Others have died by requesting it when not really wanting it. Patients can have palliative care to change their mind about taking Euthanasia. Overall this is why I think Euthanasia should not be legalized.