Electricity companies main goals are either to make

Electricity is a vital element that Americans need to get by in their daily life in order to do simple tasks such as regulate the temperature of their home, cook food, and charge various devices. Most people have access to electricity from the electric power industry. However, that power can come is multiple ways such as from an electric cooperative or a for-profit electric company. There are major differences between these two types of distributors, because the two have different goals and different types of customers. However, all electric customers are impacted in some way depending on which type of electric provider they choose.  Companies are created all across the world, and these companies main goals are either to make a profit or to provide the best service possible. Electric cooperatives such as North Georgia Electric Membership Corporation are focused on the latter. They often provide electricity for smaller areas, because for-profit companies do not believe they will make a profit in those areas. Not only are electric cooperatives focused on providing service, they also give customers the ability to spend less money on electricity, because electric cooperatives often have programs that allow consumers to be more electric efficient. Additionally, the type of customers that an electric company has can determine that companies reliability. Electric cooperatives are generally owned by people who will use that service while for-profit companies are owned by shareholders. By being a company that its own members will use, electric cooperatives prove to be more reliable than companies that are only focused on making money. Smaller towns such as Calhoun, GA, benefit from having an electric cooperation. Customers such as my family are able to have a say in the companies’ policies through the creation of a democratic policy-making process, and customers can trust that quality service is being provided.