Barnett Street will be ideal because the business will be closer to raw materials. We will be able to acquire sugar from a nearby factory on the same Street that we will be located. We will also be easily accessible to chocolate because of the high quantity that is being offered by the Freeport pier twice per month at an affordable price. The coloring will be available to us by a nearby wholesale that is across the road from Cush Sash Candy. There are about 10 persons to be employed. We will need about 3 skilled workers, 5 semi-skilled and 2 unskilled.

The business will need two accountants to keep track of he daily transactions of money, one executive to handles the internal affairs of the employees and two Head of Department to supervise the unskilled and semi-skilled. The semi-skilled would consist of workers to control the machines. We will need ten machines workers, two ingredients mixer who will be able to create new taste for the candy and also new types of candy. We also will need two truck drivers with two trucks; each truck will consist of one worker. The unskilled workers would be two janitors who will be responsible for the cleaning of the business.

The reason for choosing the labor force is because it will be suitable for this business. SOURCE OF FIXED AND WORKING CAPITALS Fixed capitals are machinery and other things which will be kept for a long time and used over and over in the production of goods and services in a business. Fixed capitals in this business will be the trucks, the building and the machines. The trucks will be used to transport goods (candy) from the factory to consumers for sale in and around the island. The building will be used to facilitate machines and workers to produce the goods.

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Machines will be use to help create the finish product of the candy. The source of fund to accumulate fixed and working capital will obtain from myself and the shareholders savings and contributions from other family members. My savings accumulate from partners that I Joined with various banks. Fixed capital such as refrigerator, oven and mixers will be bought from Court Jamaica Limited. Up in the day to day running of the business or the goods that are constantly being used up in the daily operation of the business. The raw materials would be the sugar, coloring, chocolates, frosting and fruits.

ROLE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR Entrepreneurs are persons who organize and coordinate factors of production. They take risk and make decisions and carry out productions. At Sash Cush Candy the entrepreneur will make the necessary changes to help the business expand both internally and externally. In expanding the business the entrepreneur have to organize the levels of labor suitable for it and also predict what type of candy he/ she thinks is needed to produce for the public. TYPE OF PRODUCTION Cush Sash Candy will be involved in the Secondary production. Secondary production s the converse of raw materials in finish products.

We will be involved in this type of production because we will acquire our raw materials from other businesses that will secondary production. LEVEL OF PRODUCTION Cush Sash Candy will be involved in the Domestic level production. Domestic is everything produce locally. This level doesn’t involve any imports from foreign countries. When a country is able to provide for its self, it shows a form of independence. Cush Sash Candy will produce candy locally but as soon as we grow in business we will not only choose to produce for local consumption but to provide or other countries thus to evaluate the domestic level.

Cush Sash Candy is going to produce top class low calorie candy. Two quality controls measures we will be practicing are: 1. To have health specialist come in once a week to check the environment, both internal and external to make sure that are free from matters that can contaminate the candies. This will also help us to maintain a healthy environment. 2. We also have to ensure that the candy taste is tasted by some specialist after production to make sure the taste is always consistent in keeping up with what we et out to achieve.

USE OF TECHNOLOGY Two types of technologies that will be use in the business are: the computers and candy mixers. The computers will be mainly used to by the accountants to store information for future use and recording of the daily transaction in the business. The candy mixer will be used by the skilled workers after ingredients are added into the chamber. This machine blends them together for the other machines in order to complete its work. Backward linkage will be established with this new business venture.