Dystopia in the Works of Audux Huxley and George Orwell

Aldous Huxley and George Orwell are two great writers who gave their readers a brief glimpse into how they envisioned political control would fit in the future.Aldous Huxley believes that the government will control citizens quietly by conditioning them so that there will be no objections from citizens. Citizens will be deceived and drugged to make it seem as if they are living how they want to without any objections or restrictions. But in reality, the government will be controlling the people, this way the citizens will willingly subject themselves to the will of the government.

Huxley’s vision is called, sitting not hitting. The government will control citizens through their minds rather than using violence to get through to them. On the other hand, George Orwell envisioned a future with a “boot in the face”, shown in his book, Animal Farm. The government will instill fear into citizens in order to gain control over them. The government will brutally punish those who don’t follow the unjust rules. It seems as if political stability is attained through Aldous Huxley’s sitting not hitting because today’s government uses lies as a system of conditioning in order to keep control. They use lies in false advertisement in careers, education, and safety. Today’s government continuously feed the people hopes and dreams but there’s nothing real about it,

Posters are posted up on billboards and pictures are posted up on social media showing “regular people” performing labor work. These are people working as city workers, fast food workers, and state workers, On the posters and on the web, these workers seem to be content with their jobs, and overall life, but in truth, they are underpaid, overworked and they have little to room to advance in their career; meaning that they will stay working at middle age for thee rest of their lives. People would pose in front of the camera and say that working at McDonalds is fast and…