During my internship period, I am intern of

During my internship period,
I am intern of EXIM Bank in satmasjid Road branch. I am doing my internee
around 12 weeks. I fulfilled all condition of internee, like every organization
has some role and regulation and an intern I try my best to follow all. I am
always follow their dress code and policies. I am reporting to the bank
punctually and following all established regulations. I always try to give well
behave to the client and bank staff. I have worked under General Banking
divisions. I enjoyed my works and all the stuffs and officers of the bank are
very cordial to me. I have experienced a very friendly and supporting
environment at EXIM Bank. Which gave me pleasure and satisfaction to be a part
of them. I learned communication skills, customer service skills and
organizational skills. I have learned many things, which will help me in future
professional life.

opening: During
the internship period, I work in General Banking department. I learned how to
open account in bank, what is process, what should I tall to the customer and
what document need.

fill up: I also
complete different kinds of form like current account, savings account, FDR
account. And I complete a/c number, customer ID, transaction profile, L/C form,
and Transaction profile.

Telephone: Some time I receive the call and
try providing correct information to customer.

Book: I call the
client for giving information of cheque.
I gave customers the cheque book as their required date. Before getting the
cheque book an applicant have to sign in the cheque book receive register.



I am an intern in EXIM bank satmasjid
road branch. I do my internship 12 weeks in this 12 weeks I am following
finding were pointed out and observed few things like my Internship period I
learnt about how to maintain time management, corporate behavior and how to
maintain client. Behaving professionally in office period. Maybe they can improve their customer service especially
in terms of giving more time to the new or prospective clients. They have
limited ATM booth in our country.