Due country is being taken over by violence,

to the drug trade, most of the country is being taken over by violence,
unlawful drug trafficking, and corruption. The political leadership of Mexico
does not hold a strong leadership position inside the Mexican state because of the
previous leadership and some of the current leaders, who speak out in
opposition to the cartels are either assassinated or paid off. The highest consumption
of drugs being transported out of Mexico is in the United States, making the
illicit drug trade within the U.S. extremely profitable for the cartels. The
drug cartels make a profit of approximately $35 billion – $45 billion each year,
by selling cannabis, methamphetamines, cocaine, and heroin, growing the power of
drug lords and cartels. it is getting extremely difficult to take down drug
cartels in Mexico due to the  corruption
in the police and judicial system and the ever-increasing demand for drugs.


The intervention of the
military to control the drug trade has led to the cartels to fight amongst themselves
over territory, drug shipments and with the Mexican military. This has resulted
in the civilian population getting caught in the cross fire leading to hundreds
and thousands of innocent lives being lost. The drug conflict in Mexico has affected
many bordering states and has led to a very obvious disregard for human life.

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The United States has trouble controlling the border violence due to increasing
violence among drug cartels inside the northern Mexican states.







The intervention by the military attempted to control and
stop the drug trade. However, this attempt was not a success which resulted in worsening
the condition of the Mexican state. Mexico remains a major exporter of high
value drugs and also a transit point for movement of drugs from other South
American countries like Colombia, to the United States. The drug cartels have
found it easy to corrupt, kill and escape the seizing of the drug trade which
has aggressively increased their earnings.