Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Packer

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere is a book written by ZZ Packer where various of characters all take turns drinking coffee elsewhere even though they do not drink coffee for the same exact reasons. “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” means to pretend to be somewhere else when one is feeling pain and they can no longer handle it and/or are just looking for an escape. In “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” the main character Dina is having a hard time dealing with the death of her mother. The morning of her mother’s funeral she says that she is drinking coffee elsewhere.She states, “I remembered the morning of my mother’s funeral. I’d been given milk to settle my stomach; I’d pretended it was coffee”(Packer 144). She says this because she could not bare the loss of her mother so she pretends that not only is she somewhere else but pretends that the milk is coffee. Throughout “Drinking Coffee elsewhere” and “Geese” Dina continues to drink coffee elsewhere whether it is her dealing with pain, pretending to be something and/or somewhere else, or just escaping.

In the chapter story “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere”, the narrator Dina is a first-year student at Yale, and during orientation she along with the other students play a game, in which each student is asked if they could be any animated object what would they be. Dina Answers, “My name is Dina, and if I had to be any object I’d be a revolver” (Packer 118). Here Dina we can see how Dina does not like the game and wants to cause some violence. She wanted to be a revolver but does not know exactly why she wants to be one. She is actually trying to exclude herself from others and wants to be alone. She does not want anyone to get close and/or let others in because this is how she copes with situations and life in general.

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The text states, “until that moment I’d been good in all the ways that were meant to matter” (Packer 118). Being an African American at a prestigious predom…