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Dogs And CatsDogs and cats deserve the best. But others beg to differ. Some people dread dogs, some people hate cats, but it shouldn’t be enough to make you throw one out into the cold night. But to others, it comes to a shock because people say they like these animals, then throw them out!But dogs and cats are still loved by many people. A dog is a mans best friend. A cat is good company to have for many people. Yet, many people STILL throw them out like they aren’t worth anything. According to 6% of dogs are strays, and 27% of cats are strays! But why are cats thrown out more than dogs? Well, Scholastic says that “Dogs are like their children.” But it still doesn’t give them a right to throw them out. quoted “Animals are just like humans, they want to feel loved and wanted.” And I agree 100% with that quote. Yet dogs and cats are WAY different when it comes to homelessness and even them as  pets! When dogs are homeless, you’re more likely to see them wandering the streets, more willing for help. But cat’s on the other hand, you’re more likely to find them under a porch or in a hole. Normally when someone finds a cat on the road, it’s at night.But even while they are in warm cozy homes they are different. When a person comes in the house, they might have not met before, comes in the dog goes right up to it to sniff the stranger and get attention from them.On the other hand, cats will be hiding under beds or behind something, staying as far away as they can from the stranger. For my cat, it takes her a while to get used to people. It took her a year to get used to me. Yet, when I had a dog, the puppy liked to run up to every stranger she could! I couldn’t take her for walks anywhere! There is HUGE difference between dogs and cats.More dogs enter human societies than cats. ASPCA says that approximately 3.4 million dogs enter shelters, while for cats it’s  3.3. It’s not that big of a difference but it’s still something. But once cats are adults, they are less likely to be adopted. At H.A.W.S, they give free adult cats to people, if they think that they will be given to a good home. Other places give discounts, like at Petco they said if you buy a kitten at $60, you can get an adult cat AND a kitten for $60. But most homeless cats are adults and no one wants adult cats. According to ASPCA 670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats a year are euthanized in the US. That’s almost a 200,000 difference! But all together 1,530,000 animals are euthanized each year in the US alone!Chapter Two: Animals On The StreetsMany animals tonight are out on the streets without a home. But no one knows how they got out there. Did they run away? Were their parents already strays? Or was it the people, who threw them out, like taking out the trash.The RiskHaving animals on the streets is a huge risk to their health. They could get dehydrated from not enough water or starve from no food. They could even freeze to death. But they could also pick up illnesses. Most people don’t want to help or say they don’t NEED to help.But on the other hand, Huffington Post says some people do care. When people see others help, they feel the need to do the same. One organization quoted: “If everybody helped there wouldn’t be any animals on the streets.” John says “We picked up 65 animals in one day!”Yet, people in the world don’t listen and still hurt these animals,even if they didn’t do anything to the owners! Personally I think it’s messed up to throw out these cats and dogs for being responsible, and a loyal pet. When people throw out lots of pets, it makes it worse. That means more suffering,more pain, more animals dying, more animals pleading for help. Soon there is not enough people that care in the world to help all the homeless animals.It doesn’t mean people can use the amount of homeless animals on the streets as an excuse as to why they aren’t helping. Others say there are too many animals to help, so they just don’t. But if they think about it, your still making a difference in the world and it’s people like them that don’t help, are just letting the problem slide by. Also it’s people like them that keep the population spreading by not caring and not helping.  Yet THEY are the people complaining about it. Then THEY should be the people to REALLY care about it. Though many people are very deeply impacted by this. So impacted that a lot of teens have been using everything they can to get donations for these animals. I used to live at a house and we’d be playing outside almost everyday, and everyday there would be a new stray cat in our backyard meowing for mercy. I felt really bad but my mom got mad at me for petting the cat. But I should have helped it. It died the next week because it jumped into an abandoned houses basement from outside,and at the worst time, didn’t land on its feet. But if I would have helped the cat, it would probably be in a warm home with their owners holding her tight glad they have such an amazing cat. It’s people like me that let this problem slide. Animals should NOT be left on the streets to cope with their own problems. Be left on the streets to die. They deserve the best. They say, a dogs a mans best friend.Chapter 3People Over PetsOver thousands of pets are abandoned a day. The question “Is it because of the overpopulation?” Is asked everyday. But according to the American Humane Society, and the American Kennel Club, the answer is no.   The truth about the straysThey actually say that there isn’t that big of a number of dogs on the streets! They believe that people just abandon these animals because they can’t care for them or they don’t want them. But that doesn’t mean that’s okay. But I at first wondered why shelters were so overcrowded with animal. But that is because there isn’t enough help to go around or enough shelters to keep all these animals in. Especially around overpopulated cities Like Los Angeles or D.C. Though with all the donations people get from commercials or from their community isn’t enough money to save all the animals but not all the money is going towards the animals more likely, dogs.Buzzfeed met with a girl and she said ” I was on vacation with my family and I saw a puppy in the middle of the road! A car came and just, ran over her!” Cats Over DogsYet, according to GALE, they say that cats are a different story.  Cat’s you aren’t going to see more than you see stray dogs but that is because cat’s are harder to catch. They aren’t as big and and they are less affectionate to strangers than dogs are. Just think about it. If you have a cat and if a friend comes over, can you see your cat anywhere? That’s because cats are animals that get attached to certain humans and take a while to get used to strangers. On the other hand, many teens care about this problem. You can find hundreds of articles saying “Blah Blah started a go fund me pa–” “Blah Blah Blah cares so much about this problem, she started–“”Blah started selling shirts in his community and now—“A lot of people care! And a lot of people should because it’s a very serious problem! But I believe people use the excuse that there are too many animals to help! And give up. Actually, they never try to help. But it’s these people that let the problem sit there and get the easy way out. Sit there drinking their strawberry smoothie reading a magazine while people pass you chasing down these homeless animals.