Diversity: elements. The presence of different types of


The condition of being composed of different elements. The
presence of different types of people especially inclusion of different types
of people with various personality traits, ethnicity, culture, religion is also
a form of diversity in connection to a particular society or an organization.
It is a connection defined between two entities when and only when they are not
identical; the property of being numerically distinct. Diversity is a lubricant
that lubricates the functioning of the society and leads it towards prosperity.
It is a wide range of interests, backgrounds and experiences. Diversity is
applicable in various ranges of the society. By itself, diversity means many things. The definition itself is a form of
diversity. Meanings range from a state or fact of being diverse or different,
to a variety of opinions. The important point is that it indicates there is a
point of difference. This means diversity broadly refers to many demographic
variables. There are several other areas. However, well-known areas of
diversity include race, religion, color, gender, nationality, sexual
orientation, age, education and skills. Diversity is a reality created by individuals and groups from
a wide spectrum of demographic and logical differences.

Pakistan is a country known for diversity and is
diverse more than our thoughts. We are blessed with diverse terrains including
mountains, plain areas, deserts, fertile lands and forests. This vast array of
lands hosts Pakistanis from different cast, creed, religion and culture who
speak different languages. Each area of the beloved motherland has its own
identity in terms of languages spoken, social outlook and political
disposition. The culture of Pakistan is rich and unique because of the
diversity it has. The social and popular customs are old yet beautifully
represented. The support system on this land is unbeatable, such a strong
family system, friendships, acquaintance, acceptance of other culture and
religions. The beauty of country comes when there’s diversity and rich culture.
Folk tales, dances and music is common among Pakistanis. There are events that
still organized in different cultures and traditions are showcased. The
weddings are full of colors and traditions. The respect for elders and love for
youngsters is still found in this country even though the modernism has changed
such ethics all around the world.

Importance of diversity:

is exceptionally important. In the workplace, there are many intelligent people
that come from all walks of life, but if workers don’t prefer diversity, they
will not be successful in their job nor they would progress high. Many of the
world’s renowned muti national companies encourage diversity and consider it
instrumental in their business strategies.


In light of all the chaos, conflict, and misery that is rapid
in the world now, there is one thing that everyone should be able to agree on;
diversity that is spread throughout humanity creates serenity and brings
prosperity. These contrasting lifestyles, different ethnicities, genders help
people to know and respect the lifestyle of others.

In particular relation to Pakistan, people are becoming more
tilted towards diversity which encourages a healthy environment. Respecting
diversity encourages good leadership skills and the unity of people depends only
on those who have the power to speak up and raise the voice against violence.
Even with all the progress achieved, there are still some elements in society
who give hype to separation movements, sectarianism and divisions within the
society. Diversity has not always been welcomed with open arms, but more and
more we see people opening their hearts and broadening up their minds to other’s
way of life.

Allowing diversity into our lives is how we find out all the
brilliant ideas out there in the world. By respecting and finding the positives
of other ideas, beliefs, and lifestyles with an open mind, we enhance ourselves
to exercise creativity and problem solving with a broad spectrum. If we eye the
world with a single perspective, we will never understand the other
perspectives behind them and therefore restrict ourselves into a sort of
closed-minded ideology that yields hate, prejudice, and tragedy throughout
history. Hate is a dismay, yet it is prevalent in our society as a way
to express discomfort towards others. It commonly arises when one group tries
to dominate keeping aside the other. This ignorance evolves misunderstanding
which stop diversity and promote hatred. The worst aspect of this is that it
becomes a cycle of life for close-knit communities. If everyone else in the society
doesn’t like a specific group of people, it takes a lot for a person to go
against what their entire community thinks. Also, this descends down to the
next generation and then again after that and so forth, until it is stopped.

Talking in an international perspective, major super powers
of the world are trying to exercise their powers in an attempt to increase
their colonies. In this ambition, they are putting aside the concepts of sovereignty
and discouraging diversity. The recent invasion of US into Afghanistan was the
worst attempt to violate human rights just in the wake of their own interests
disregarding the harmony of the people. We have the example of two big World
Wars which resulted in massive destruction and resulted in bipolarity. The main
reason for the outbreak of the revolt were strong nationalist ideas where the
major leaders of aggressors and axis along with the allied powers spread
disrespected and insulted each other’s national identity. So if concepts of
diversity was not ridiculed at that time, today the world would be much more

Once diversity is accepted into societies they can begin to
be more productive innovators, by trying to approach problems in different ways
and from different perspectives. Whether it is comic book writers or if it is
international peacekeepers, it is important to take into consideration other
groups’ perspectives on what you are doing. Also, once diversity is accepted,
the society has a much higher chance to be internally and externally peaceful
due to the lack of ignorance about other people. Having a diverse group of
people is important in any community or society, and lacking diversity can
cause huge misconceptions about other people, so it only makes sense to keep an
open mind and open arms to anyone who you encounter.

Without diversity, Pakistan would not be cultured as it is
today. Think of a place, where different types of dishes did not exist, where
different types of dresses did not exist, where different types of festivals did
not occur.