Discussion of balls

Thud, as I was knocked across I dispersed some yellows and reds. I’m round, and my colours are red and yellow; there are fourteen of me. I’m always on a green surface. I always get hit a lot by my mate White who I think he is the main ball because he’s constantly on the table, and he’s not one of us even though he’s round. Yeah, but he’s different coloured. We all seem to get hit by White. One day we just wanted to know why he keeps nudging into us, so we asked him. “White, why do you always nudge into us, constantly? ”

White replied “Come on, honestly just because I am more dazzling and gleaming, would you really think I would go near you. It’s this stick of some sort which just keeps hitting me and so I am pushed on to you. The nerve those people have claiming false accusations” he said as he was grooming his colour trying to make himself look better. Well, anyway back to the point, after we get hit we get potted into some strange maze where we all end up together. For some reason they always save Black till last, don’t know why. Black shouted “Oi, yeah, you who was talking about me I swear I heard my name.

Listen pal, I don’t really like you, but I tell you one thing though never go talking behind my back and if I ever find out you have you’ll never ever see sunlight pal, because you’ll be drinking out of a straw in a hospital bed for the rest of your life. You get the point never” he said. He walked of like a giant. That was a close shave as they always say but one thing I really hate is my owner. He is an obese hairy monster we always seem to get a lot of bruises from that stick especially when his friends are around I think some one should call R.

S. P. C. B, you know the Royal Society of Protecting Against Cruelty to Balls. Oh I forgot no one knows about us and I doubt they will help us. Looks like we’ll be here for the rest of our lives to be used and abused in this dark dull room where it is always dark. Our owner always hit’s us. I just wish he could stop for once and leave us alone what did we do wrong. Well looks like we’ll be here for the rest of our lives to be used and abused in this dark dull room were its always dark.

Our owner always hit’s us I just wish he could stop for once and leave us alone just for once I’ll do anything for that one wish. If he only knew balls had lives and feelings as well. If I were a human, and he was a ball the things I would do to him are unimaginable. Let’s say there are out of this world so severe you couldn’t even think what it would be because it would be a really cruel punishment. I remember one time my owner was on two balls while his mate was on one. It was his shot and it was a very tense time.

While he’s mate was on one ball it was a very tense time the pressure was building. My owner’s shot had come so it was his time to shine in front of his mates. He took aim prepared very accurately and precisely the measurements were needed. If this shot were to fail he would have lost the tournament and not moved through to the semi – finals. He silently pushed the stick back and fourth; finally he pushed the stick and in went the ball, as a bead of sweat dribbled down his face and landed on the table.

He eventually was on his final ball it was a very nervous and tense time for anyone to talk, there was silence in the dark dull room, as a chill went down my round spine he took aim and took his shot he shouted “oh no ” he walked off in shame praying that he’s mate missed is shot. He carefully re-aligned his shot, he took his shot the ball slowly rolled into the pocket but it came to an ease before it suddenly fell into the pocket that he named. He shouted happily “Yes I won in your face loser”.

Later my owner was very angry in a rage hitting us shouting “What did I do wrong? ” I thought he was saying it to me but I wasn’t sure so I was quiet and always will be when my owner’s around. So that’ really sum’s up my terrible life on this pool table I will always be trapped here on this surface being pushed and bossed about by my owner knowing I have no free will. It is like a story out of a book but normally they end with happy endings but mine doesn’t.