Discovering my ability to tackle problems logically. Throughout

and understanding how machines work has always been an interest of mine. Since
I was young, I have been always fascinated by spacecraft and I was curious about how
they work. This fascination was not satisfied by their attractive
appearance or by how well they achieved their functions, but to learn more
about how they managed to do so. From boats, automobile, and planes to
spacecraft, as I grew up, I found that engineering is the originator of this
progress. This leads engineers are the world leaders in advancing science and
technology. At that time the borders of my imagination about how far technology
can go grew and I had my mind set to be one of those leaders.

However, some points made me more
specific about my major. Firstly, my main
interest in mechanical engineering began when I started researching basic
engineering principles for a physics project in my 10th grade. This
project was awarded in some competitions and won the second
place in the National Finals of Intel ISEF Competition in the category of
Mechanical Engineering.  Secondly, mechanical
Engineering combines the two subjects that I particularly enjoy and find my
interests in; maths and physics. Maths has allowed me to develop my ability to
tackle problems logically. Throughout my high school education, I was very
excited to learn of physics concepts such as Newton’s laws of motion, the
thermodynamics, and hydraulic systems and I found them the water that quenches
my thirst for understanding how things work. The more I learn about these concepts, the more assured I become that a
career as a mechanical engineer is suited to me and if I were to describe my
dream, it will definitely be a mechanical engineer.  

Thirdly, the background that I have gained from my education at
STEM school in this discipline. As the school
program focuses on the engineering and technology related subjects and their
application in a challenging and rigorous manner. This program not only gave me
a deep knowledge in math and physics but also give me the chance to convert
this knowledge into tangible projects. Fourthly, the diversity that involved in the mechanical
engineering and the freedom to choose from various professions such as
aerospace or automotive engineering, which I intend to specialize in. Opting
for such a degree will not only ease my frustration but also
will facilitate following my dreams and to become one of those who pave the way
for the future generations.