Difference single genes and their role in the

between Genetics and Genomics

the study of inheritable traits of living organisms and how these traits are
transmitted from one generation to another through Deoxyribonucleic
acid (DNA) and Genomics in contrast,
is the study of the complexity of the entirety of the organism’s several genes.

2002, WHO defined genetics as the study of single genes and their role in the
way inheritable traits are passed on from generation to generations. They explained
that, genomics understudy all the genes of an organism taken together, plus all
of the sequences and the information contained therein. The sequences and the
information are referred to as genomes. 


scientific study of the effects that genes (known as the units of hereditary)
have on the individual is what is referred to as genetics where as, genomics
includes the study of how the genes within the genome interact with each other
and with the individual’s environment.

Basically, genetics is concerned with inherited conditions
such as cystic fibrosis, down syndrome, hemophilia, huntington’s disease,
phenylketonuria (PKU) and sickle cell disease. These are inheritable traits.
Genomics is concerned with complex disorders and diseases including asthma, diabetes,
cancer, and heart diseases. These diseases are caused by a combination of
genetic and environmental factors, rather than just a mere single genetic


genomics fits into genetics

Genomics is the broader
umbrella encompassing genetics (Ballman, 2008). Though genetics scrutinizes the
functioning and the composition of the single gene specifically, genomics
addresses all genes and their inter-relationships in order to identify their
combined influence on the growth and entire development of the organism.
Genomics therefore, involves identifying individual genes and placing them into
similar roles through various different and sophisticated methods aiming at
handling gene predictions regarding various genomes (entirety of an organism’s hereditary
information). Genomics makes the study of single genes (genetics)

Generally, genomics is required to study or investigate
genetic variation or the heredity of some traits (genetics) making use of
several technical and sophisticated methods. The study of several genes or genome
as a system makes genomics, a part of the biological systems.