DIASPORA major works include three volumes of poetry:



Diasporic Literature
includes all those literary works written by the authors outside their native
country, but these works are associated with native culture and background.
Diasporic writers are those who write outside their country but remain related
to their homeland through their works. Diasporic literature has its roots in
the sense of loss and alienation, which emerged as a result of migration and
expatriation. Generally, diasporic literature deals with alienation,
displacement, existential rootlessness, nostalgia, quest of identity. V.S.Naipaul,
Salman Rushdie, Amitav Ghosh, Jhumpa Lahiri and Shashi Tharoor are some of the
Indian diaspora writers. The sense of yearning for motherland and the nostalgia
are the major themes of the diaspora writings.

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Chitra Banerjee
Divakaruni was born on July 29, 1956, in Kolkata, India. She moved to the United
States in 1977 for higher education. This immigration inspired many of her
works and its themes. Divakaruni carefully explores the experience of the
immigrants and oppression of women in her works. Her major works include three
volumes of poetry: The Reason for Nasturtiums (1990), Black Candle (1991), and Leaving
Yuba City (1997) ; two collections of short stories; Arranged Marriage (1995)
and The Unknown Errors of Our Lives (2001) ; three novels; The Mistress of
Spices (1997), Sister of My Heart (1999), and The Vine of Desire (2002) ; and a
children’s book Neela:Victory Song (2002). Her short story collection “Arranged
Marriage” (1994) has received many awards including, the American Book Award,
the Bay Area Book Reviewers Award, and the PEN Josephine Miles Award for
fiction. Arranged Marriage is a collection of eleven short stories, focussing
on the themes of oppression of women in the name of marriage and their nostalgic
feeling about their native land. The stories are different in theme, background
characters and narration, and yet bound together by the common thread of marriage
and the sufferings of women outside their motherland. Chitra Banerjee
Divakaruni being an Indian-American author, after living 19 years of her life
in India migrates to America and experiences a drastic change in her life. All
her works have been inspired by her life itself. Her yearning for motherland
and the nostalgia she felt when she was away from India is being reflected in
the stories of “Arranged Marriages”.