Developing My Writing Skills

Taking English 101 helped me in writing papers for my other classes during this Spring Semester, effectively by focusing on my topic rather than making a run on sentence.

How to organize my papers of where my ideas come in at and where the citer’s ideas are being displayed. This became effective in writing longer proposal papers; the main subject that this was used in was my Humanities 211 course. The objective of plagiarism was also an insight that I had not known of as was a huge issue when writing a paper on a movie review, but those being sourced even in movie review seem to need to be cited as well. Focus on lecture became more important and effective in other writing assignments for another class, as well as English. The use of Pathos, Ethos, and Logos became helpful when doing writing assignments to gain the writers view on the point being made; as well as bringing in logical explanations to support my arguments in my assignments. Without supporting my arguments, my arguments on a topic would become invalid on the topic that is being mentioned.

Then giving creditability to the source that was used to support my argument helped back everything up, as for not having any sources of creditability most of the assumptions made would only be conclusions without any facts to back them up, even if they are basic. In citing sources it helped for borrowing others ideas on a topic, into making them part of my own. When one is talking about a less knowledgeable topic such as “Candy has been found to cause cancer which was an experiment that scientists have proven in Europe” (Not a real source, only for example). You must cite the source in order to make it valid otherwise the reader, who is reading the article won’t know where you came up with such conclusions and would like to possibly to further research in defining if it’s true or not. Another that would help in making ones’ writing assignment enhanced into a readable, and c…