DESIGN networking technologies (Wikipedia, 2016). Intranet is a

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN ONLINE/INTRANET OFFICE CHAT APPLICATION SYSTEM                     ABSTRACTUniversities in Nigeria spend alot of time by individual staffs , teachers in the different department travelling from one point to another in order to complete effective passage of information with themselves.My research is basically searching for a solution by creating apps for information exchange in universities in Nigeria taking CALEB UNIVERSITY IMOTA as a primary focus. The chat app will be a web app created for both intranet and internet. This inturn allows it to be accesible by mobile devices and individual personal computers  with internet. This process will involve lots if open source such as l HTMLl AJAXl JSON l PHPl MYSQL    The project been created will allow students, teachers and workers of the university to pass information through chatting. WAMP will be used to test the application and output corresponds with expected values.  CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION  1.1 IntroductionThe Internet is the global system of interconnected computers together networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link devices worldwide (Wikipedia, 2016). It is a network of networks that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies (Wikipedia, 2016). Intranet is a mode of network that work only on systems within a company. Document sent are only accesible with the private network. The server of the app created a connection channel with a user, correspond the connection and enables a chat through the chat handler which is neccesary for exchange of information between users and the servers, its also send rapid group message to users within a chat window 1.2 Problem DefinitionThe major problems regarding the delivery of chat application system in universities within Nigeria are:a) No able to relate questions freely without moving from ones tableb) group work cannot be done independently with  instant message delivery to all client on the system c) Message broadcast has always been a challenge 1.3 Objective Of StudyThe purpose of this research is created a chat app which can allow clients through intranet or using internet can conversate. This will be possible through some following information:l A secure and user-friendly web based chat app for CALEB UNIVERSITY IMOTAl Development of  system to with its functionality can be seen using WAMP l Carry tests on the system  1.4 Research JustificationReason for carrying this research are gotten from these reasons :l The need to demonstrate level of usable of information in the perimeter of the universityl The need to have a higher level of feedback among users  1.5 Research MethodologyIn order to achieve the purpose of this research, the methodology used in this study must be highlighted:l set of requirements to be met by the applicationl Create and apply the design of the system as a web appl formation of the solution using framework on course with  MVC model, CS5.l Release of the solution system for testing   1.6 Scope And Limitations Of The StudySome certain factor must be considered stating that in the creation and deployment of this research it shall be based on intranet and the internet Which include:  l The solution will focus on web chat application onlyl The questions delivered by the solution will be focused on  instant chat services l As conceived, the solution shall contain the following:i. A webchat application for teachers, students in which exchange of information can occured.ii. A backdoor for teachers and admin to correlate data soley for the system including suggestionsiii. Authentication techqniues , which will identify clientsLimitations within the system include :l nature of the portal might affect speed of data access However, this can be eliminated with adequate assistant from various authorities within the Universityl The time sensitivity involved with this study   1.7 Definition Of Termsl Internet application: A Web site which usually requires some form of user validationl Mobile device: Any device that can handle transfer of information l Web: Internet that can be accesed from any device l Rapid application development, a way of programming which focuses on speed and deliveryl User authentication: the stage within the system that validate users   1.8 Chapter PlanThis research has 5 detailed chapters which are l Introductionl Literature review l System design methodologyl System implementation l Recommendations and Conclusion