departement collect money from client, you pay bills

departement have to sell the product, advertising and trade you can group this in the marketing department or if you receive or collect money from client, you pay bills and to the account for your revenue and expenditure you can organise all this into a financial department and so on.( feigenbaum. 2017{assessed december 2017}) We have two kind of structure in the organisation.Flat structure:   This is an example of an indian restaurant somewhere in londonadvantagedisadvantageMore opportunities for the leader to excel and able to delegate people for different tasksFlexible and easy to adapt to change Clear policiesinformation directly reach to the head of the restaurant.Subordinate are carefully selectedLarge number of employee reporting to one person may bring loss of control to the managerHeavier workload Pressure for the manager to make immediate decision.Confusion over roles Flat structure:   This is an example of an indian restaurant somewhere in londonTall structureadvantagedisadvantageClose supervision Close controlFast communication between subordinateNarrow span of control Small number of employees reporting  to the supervisor Supervisor tend to get too be involved in the subordinate work.Many levels of management High cost due to many levels Excessive distance between lowest employees  and the top levels1.3 assess the role of hospitality related organisations and professional bodies. The role of the organization and professional bodies are very  important to the hospitality industry and it plays a major role in the UK hospitality industry, this ones help with job opportunities, training, accreditation for schools and also being the voice of the people.The professional bodies in the UK are the People 1st, British Hospitality Association(BHA), Institute of Hospitality and British Institute of Innkeepers.People 1st:Their website is: to their website,People 1st is unique by providing a customise solutions and advice that help grow performance and talent; drive customer excellence and maximise the value of apprenticeships.  They deliver highly successful results that reflect the needs of the industry because they do understand the business culture; environment and budget. (people 1st/aboutus)Helps with job opportunities and informations.British hospitality association (BHA):Their website is: to the BHA website;they do promote the interest of brands and owners across the industry;  they work to develop a strong case on how to unlock the industry’s full potential as the biggest engine for economic growth, and ensure that the industry’s needs are effectively represented to governmen