Dear Engineering from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh in

Dear Sir/Madam,


I was extremely delighted to see the
Ampère Excellence Scholarships for International Students. As, I am applying
for the Master 1 – Computer Science at the University of Lyon, this scholarship
is very important for my future studies. 
In this letter I would like to introduce myself, express my strong
desire to go for the Master’s program, provide my details and finally explain
why I deserve this scholarship.

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I completed my Bachelor of Science in
Software Engineering from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh in December 2016 with
a CGPA of 3.55 on a scale of 4.00. I was very dedicated towards my studies.
Since childhood I was interested to know about computers and technologies and
my dream came true when I finally got admitted to the top university
(University of Dhaka) of Bangladesh among 60,000 applicants seeking admission.
As soon as I got to know that I have been selected for Software Engineering, I
could not believe my eyes. From the first day of my undergraduate life I have
been dedicated to programming. I successfully completed several individual and
group projects during my Bachelor’s. I believe that I have good presentational
skills since I had to give more than 50 presentations. Besides academic studies
I was involved in extra-curricular activities. 
The driving force behind this was my immense wish to socialize with
people and the chance to improve my personality. However, I believe that my
academic record shows my commitment towards studies despite being part of such


Moreover, I completed internship at
bKash Limited – the largest mobile financial service provider in Bangladesh for
a period of six months. My role was to work in the research and development
team of the technology division where I was assigned to work on several
projects along with their documentation and user manual. I completed the
projects prior to the deadline and received an A+ for my work.


I am applying for the scholarship since
it would help me support my studies. I am in need of the financial assistance
since it is not possible for me to bear my own expenses. This financial aid
will definitely boost my performance and help achieve my dream to visit one of
the beautiful countries in the world. France possesses a great culture and a
variety of people, this scholarship opportunity will allow me to build a wide
network by proving the opportunity to meet new people and experts in the field
of computer science.  


I am hard working and determined, I will
give my 100% effort in every challenge I face. Therefore I would like to conclude
that it is my belief of being qualified enough and possess strong academic
background to be able to perform well in the Master’s program as well as
contribute to the University and the IT industry.


Yours faithfully,

Sheikh Saimul Haque Nazeef Bin Enam