Dbms Paper

DBMS Paper In order to properly write this paper I wanted to know exactly what a database management system was, so I did a little research. Chapple ( 2011), “A database management system (DBMS) is the software that allows a computer to perform database functions of storing, retrieving, adding, deleting and modifying data” ( Definition, Para. 1). This definition gave me a better idea of which DBMS I work with everyday and how the DBMS is used. I work for a company called Ryla, we are now under the umbrella as they say of Alorica. My job title is a Certified Verizon Wireless Customer Service Expert.

I have had extensive training per Verizon Wireless standards to be able to effectively perform my job as a Customer Service Representative (CSR). In this paper I will discuss the database managements systems that we use daily to perform our jobs. The first data management system that we use is called ACSS. This system holds all of our customer’s information. ACSS has all of the customer’s verification information, the account number and contract, all device information and upgrade status, billing and financial information, and the plan and features on the acct.

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While using ACSS I can perform any request that a customer has except for taking a payment over the phone. The reason I cannot take payments is not because the system is not capable, but because all of our calls are recorded and for the safety of customer personal information (CPI) we do not take payments. ACSS is also how we conference and transfer calls to the various departments. I can conference call the self serve automated payment system with the customer and walk them through the payment without having to fully transfer the call. Most do not like the automated system and it can be very frustrating.

In ACSS I can see the customer’s payment history, how they normally make payments, detailed bills, any recent activity on the devices in real time, and issue credits. Our credit limit is two dollars and three cents per customer. If we need to issue a larger credit the system blocks us if the credit is over 30. 00. If the credit is higher we have to submit an OCC credit to our supervisor with reasons for why the credit is valid. The request is sent to my supervisor through ACSS and my supervisor is able to be notified of approval or denial through ACSS as well. I can activate, suspend and disconnect lines or whole accounts through this DBMS.

ACSS stores all of my call history and every account that I have ever been in is saved in ACSS database. The other DBMS that we use in conjunction with ACSS is called InfoManager. InfoManager is accessed through ACSS. By clicking on what we call doorways in different parts of ACSS it will take to you to the correlating InfoManager information. InfoManager is all of the Verizon Wireless information that includes but is not limited to VZW policy on any situation that could possibly arise, plans and features, equipment, products and services, and tech support. There are over two million articles in the InfoManager database.

I tell my customers all the time to be patient I will find the answer. There are inquiry guides and troubleshooting guides for every possible action we would need, these guides walk you through the steps to complete the task. We are graded on every call that we take in 10 different areas. Part of the grade is our efficiency with ACSS and Info Manager and our use of the inquiry guides and troubleshooting guides. InfoManager and ACSS are updated sometimes daily. The information is constantly changing so even if you think you know the answer you still must verify the answer. InfoManager is my best friend when I am at work.

ACSS and InfoManager enable me to perform my job as a CSR. Both of the DBMS are very resourceful and work together to make my job more efficient. I think that without these databases Verizon Wireless customer service would not be able to perform at the level of customer satisfaction that we do. I am currently ranked 22 out of the remaining 750 agents and I owe that to my proficiency with ACSS and InfoManager. I have never failed a customer survey for not being able to resolve their issue. Reference(s) Chapple, M. (2011). Database Management System. About. com. Retrieved from http://databases. about. com/od/administration/g/dbms. htm