Day temperature has increased by about 2°F since

Day by day,our world is slowly changing and so is our climate.Climate change  plays a huge role to the atmosphere and the earth’s weather.Climate change is a very important change that happens to the usual weather found at a certain area. Climate change can  be caused by various activities.When climate change occurs,temperatures can increase or decrease dramatically. Therefore,when the earth’s temperature rises,multiple changes can occur on earth such as: more floods due to intense rain and severe and frequent heat waves.Moreover,our oceans and glaciers are also experience some changes.Oceans will get warmer because of the absorption of too much heat,with the top 700 metres of the waters showing warming of about 0.302°F since the year 1969. Sea levels are also rising rapidly due to rise of waters approximately 8 inches during the past century.The acidification of our oceans has also increased with about 30% since the beginning of industrial revolution.This is because of us humans emitting a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which then all enters our ocean.Each year,two billions tons of carbon dioxide is absorbed by the top layer of the ocean.Lastly, global temperatures rising.Earth’s average surface temperature has increased by about 2°F since the late 19th century. Majority of the warming happened in the past 35 years with 17 warmest years on record since the year 2001. However,not only was 2016 the warmest year ever recorded in history but January to September the eight months,with the high results of june were considered the warmest ever recorded for those months.The graph above shows that the application of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 0.028% before the beginning of industrial revolution which happened in the 18th century.Since that time,it has increased rapidly by about 0.012% until it reached 0.040% in mid-2013.It also illustartes that carbon dioxde has risen at a high rate since the 19th century. The graph above shows the evolution of the earth’s temperature over time.Regardless that some years are more cold than the previous years,lately, there has been an ongoing pattern for the average temperature to rise.The increase in our globe’s temperature follows a similar trend to the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air.Since carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas,it absorbs both heat and energy from the earth’s surface into the atmosphere which makes the amount of this gas in the air to increase rapidly and then causes earth to become more hot.The  results above  will therefore continue to increase because scientists predict that our planet will warm between about two to six°C by the next century.It is also predicted that the heating up for the upcoming century will be at least twenty times faster than usual.During the past century,global warming has really taken a major effect on the planet.It is the unusual fast increase in earth’s average temperature over the previous centuries because of greenhouses being released by humans burning fossil fuels.Moreover,greenhouse gases are referred to as a blanket around the planet trapping heat and energy found in the atmosphere and causing it to warm up.They allow sunlight to pass through the atmosphere freely where it is then moderately absorbed by the earth’s surface. The three gases that have a huge influence on our atmosphere and are the basic cause of the greenhouse effect are: carbon dioxide,nitrous oxide and methane.Firstly,the two ways how a greenhouse gas can enter the atmosphere is either by human activities such as burning fossil fuels,Deforestation,use of artificial fertilizers and industrial processes and livestock farming.It can also be caused by natural processes for example plant and animal respiration. To begin with, due to we humans burning fossil fuels like coal and gas,the absorption of carbon dioxide has been increasing because the industrial revolution has reached its extreme levels that have never been seen in the last 3 million years.About 88% of all human produced carbon dioxide is released by burning coals and the remaining 12% due to deforestation.As we burn these fuels,more energy is produced which then turns to heat,electricity or power used of transportation as the main purpose. There are mainly used in planes,power plants,industrial facilities and cars.Little did we know that by burning these fuels,our climate is slowly changing by time.Secondly,methane levels have doubled up over the past 150 years due to intensive farming and also because we humans are releasing ,ethane twice as fast as the earth can.Another reason as to why this gas is increasing is because of ruminant animals such as cows,goats and sheep creating tons of this gas during digestion.This animals produce the gas as a by product which they later exhale it causing more energy in the atmosphere due to internal fermentation.In addition to that,human activities have increased nitrogen compounds to the environment.Large amounts enter the earth’s soils,atmosphere and waterways which is why the release of nitrous oxide has risen by 40-50%.Lastly, that is why scientists have strong faith that greenhouse gases will for sure continue to rise in the future mainly due to human activities as said earlier.Ever since the industrial period began in 1750,carbon dioxide has increased by approximately 38% and methane by 148%.As shown in the table above,the levels of these two gases are increasing rapidly over the years.It shows how the measurements of the ice from antarctica which are the green lines ixed with the direct atmospheric measurements which are the blue lines show rise of both gases over time.Today,as we are seeing,rapid warmness is very unusual to our planet.Some of the factors that have an influence on climate change naturally are volcanic eruptions and variation is solar raditaion.To start with,volcanic eruptions can have a huge impact in affecting climate change.This is because when the volcano erupts,it not only spews out lava and ash but also releases small particles made out of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere.These particles then get to the stratosphere which is the layer of the planet’s atmosphere above the troposphere and reflects solar radiation back to space.Secondly,despite the fact that the total amount of solar radiation varies by very small amounts,it still has an effect on climate change.The  heat released by the sun varies by about 1.3Wm2.This change is however related to the number of sunspots.Sunspots are more cooler and darker on the sun’s surface.They are formed where an intensive magnetic field weakens the flow of gases that transfer heat energy from the sun’s inner. Scientists say that approximately every eleven years the number of sunspots changes from being a maximum number to a minimum number.Additionally,the sun releases a bit more radiation during active periods of sunspots.This is because the spots are extinguishing heat which then flows to surrounding areas causing these areas to be brighter than usual,radiating more heat.It is also stated that while more sunspots may be a contribution to warmer climate,less spots appear to be related to a cooler climate.They cause global temperatures to rise due to the heat they deliver. Climate change did not start happening recently it also happened during important periods like the ice age.Our climate has naturally changed over the 650,000 years.Ice ages were formed by a combination of ocean circulation,gases and changes in solar output.Scientists investigate  how climate has changed during these period of times by investigating ice cores drilled from places like antarctica and greenland.These ice cores have shown similar connections such as rising temperatures and carbon dioxide to regular variations to the earth’s orbit around the sun.During the last ice age,over 20 extreme climate shifts occurred that are very important in record around the northern atlantic area.This differs from the interglacial or glacial cycles that probably do not include the  large changes in global average temperature.The changes are neither by chance in greenland and antarctica nor are they in the opposite direction in the  south and north atlantic.This therefore means that a major change in global radiation balance would not have  been needed to change these shifts only a rearrangement of energy within the climatic system would have been successful.There is  good evidence that changes in ocean circulation and  heat transportation can explain many features of these immediate events.In conclusion,I think we all humans need to take part to at least try and stop global warming and other effects on climate change.If the earth’s temperatures continue to increase and rise,there will be nothing left in the future.Living things on our planet would die and become extinct due to the extremely high temperatures.If we humans volunteer to contribute contro, global warming,earth would be much ore cooler and high temperatures increasing would decrease.Therefore,if everybody tries to do something for example plant more trees and reduce burning fossil fuels,carbon dioxide would decrease instead of increase.We should all unite and try to stop most of the climate changes that are happening so this would could be a much safer place to live on.