Dark to modern society. The rich are the

Dark Money influences the rules of the game because millions of dollars are being put into elections and government officials rather than the livelihood and well-being of the people. Dark money are funds that are given to nonprofit organizations. They can receive an unlimited amount of donations from corporations, unions, individuals, and use those funds to influence elections. However, they are not required to disclose their donors meaning they do not need to tell the public who they’re sending the funds to. There are many people who are trying to make ends meet, but here we are having millions of money put into government campaigns, elections, and non-profit organizations. America’s top one percent controls most of our nation’s wealth and they are the ones using their wealthy power to rig the game in their favor. Dark money help the rich capture the state by keeping a share of wealth flowing to their pockets. Any group that is able to capture the state are the ones able to enforce the rules that applies to economic activity and determines where the money will be distributed. Schwalbe stated that “those who controls the state can set tax rates, collect taxes, and decide how to use those revenues” (Schwalbe Pg 61). The more capitalist have control over government, the worse the rigging will be and the greater the inequality. Schwalbe gave a good example of how capturing the state can affect those that works under the state. He mentioned that if the mother and child does not do their part in working and share their crop to the king, they will be beaten or killed by his soldiers. The king is the one who capture the state and is the ultimate rule maker. He sets the standards and enforces the rule. This can also be applied to modern society. The rich are the ones who captured the state. They determine where the wealth will be distributed, make immigration policies, and set minimum wages. Other ways dark money is used is through political elections. According to the interview with Jane Meyer, she stated that 80% of dark money was spent on the last election in 2016.