Damaged Goods – The Turning by Tim Winton

Your past, the memories embedded in your hypothalamus. Everybody have different memories of their past, good ones and bad ones. The ones you want to remember. The ones you want to forget. But no matter how much one would want to run away from the past, it is impossible. Unless we can choose to erase certain memories from our mind. Some people do this by suppressing those memories deep inside. Sometimes we choose not to escape from our pasts because in our fantasy it still looks beautiful and we just want to relive that moment again. Or we can’t escape it because it is who we are as a person.

We can try to run away from the past. However, it will still live with us at the back of our mind. We can try to escape it physically, run away from where it started, through alcohol, etc. But if we choose not to confront our past because of fear then we will have live in that fear of those memories coming back to us. In the end, we always regret chances we didn’t take and fantasise how much our lives would change if you made other decision

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Some people choose not to escape from the past because we romanticised it to be beautiful. We lived in a hopeful dream about our past. Some may be during their childhood that it was so young and free without actually knowing that it could’ve been awfully boring and dull but we fantasise it to be pretty. This can be seen in ‘The Turning’ with Vic’s obsession with the Strawberry Girl, who he met when he was 16 years old. Winton’s stated that ‘During the day he dreamt of piling her into a car and tearing out of town. They’d go north. He’d rescue her, love her, marry her. White dress. No veil. He worked himself up into a romantic fantasy.’ Even though Vic have never talked to her before he still preciously lives through that memory of Strawberry Alison. He chose not to escape from it. Maybe because he is fond of that memory. Or maybe it is who he is as a person.

Our past experiences can als…