dafeenul to status of a Muslim living in

dafeenul jahiliy-yah Pagan buried treasure.

Dahri    Atheist – from the root ad dahr meaning time. In Islam, atheists are seen as those who think that time only destroys, hence the term ad dahriyyah for the concept of atheism

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da’i, da’ee A missionary of Islam; one who invites non-Muslims to enter the faith. The work they do is called da’wah.

da’if In studies of the Hadith, items whose origins are dubious but possibly true are described as da’if, as opposed to saheeh (sound, genuine) and mawdu (fabricated). These conclusions followed a period of intense introspection and study when various, often contradicting, versions of the Hadith were springing up centuries after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, to whom the Hadith is attributed. It was accepted that some versions of Muhammad’s words and deeds had been invented for personal gain by compilers but had nevertheless gained currency.

Dajj?l    An Islamic figure similar to the Antichrist; means “liar” or “deceiver”.


dakhn A member of a group of seed-bearing crops, such as millet.

daman The responsibility to have sufficient financial means to cover accidental loss or damage. A surety or guarantee.

D?r al-Ahd  The Ottoman Empire’s relationship with its Christian tributary states.


D?r al-Amn   house of safety; refers to status of a Muslim living in some of the Western world.


D?r ad-dawa  a region where Islam has recently been introduced.


D?r al-?arb   house of war; refers to areas outside Muslim rule at war with Muslim states.


D?r al-Isl?m    the abode, or land, of Islam.


D?r al-Kufr   means domain of disbelief; the term originally refers to the Quraish-dominated society of Mecca between Mohammed’s flight to Medina (the Hijra) and the city’s conquest.


D?r a-ul   domain of agreement


D?r ash-shah?da   house of safety; refers to status of a Muslim living in some of the Western world.