Curiosity killed the cat

This is all my fault. That’s why I’m here. My Stupidity. If only I knew.

I wouldn’t have done it. How long have I been sitting here? I don’t even know. On the damp, cold, mouldy floor. That’s where I’m sitting. I’m much better than this.

I should be out there, earning myself some money but I’m not. I’m in here, where the rats are and it’s freezing. I tensely look around and I notice there are no radiators. I turn on the light, it goes out Great, now I’m left alone in the dark. All alone, I live here, all alone. I’ve been living here for the past three months. I wouldn’t really call it living, staying here really.

Not that I want to because believe me no-one wants to be here. The iron bars, the guards, the hand-cuffs. It all gets to you after a while. The grotty food they give you. It’s gross. I don’t deserve to be in here.

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It’s not my fault. No-one wants to help. Why?My life is falling apart. Poor Jane.

It wasn’t me though. I didn’t kill her. I couldn’t kill anyone. I loved her so much. I still love her. Everyone knew that. Which is why I don’t understand.

Normal people don’t go around killing their loved ones do they? Only they don’t think I’m normal. Sometimes, I don’t think I’m normal which is why I deserve to go. Go away. Forever.

I came into the world, the pure, clean world. So innocent, untouched and righteous. I will leave it as a vile, corrupt, devilish coven that only I have enticed.

What should I do? There’s not much I can do. I can just wait, until the time is right. Not that I think it’s right because it’s not. Taking away an innocent man’s life because of a crime he didn’t commit. That’s not right is it? I always knew it wasn’t right but it wasn’t always about what was right and wrong, it was about the money as well. I guess I’m paying for it now.

Not long now, I should never have thought of it. Why did I have to be so curious. My mum used to say “Curiosity killed the cat”. I believe it now. I just used to laugh when she said it, but now I cry when I think about it.

Jane didn’t like me being so inquisitive but it was a part of me. The part of me that got me in this cell, the part of me that killed all those innocent animals just for an experiment, the part of me that got Jane killed and the part of me that will kill the cat.You probably know who I am now. My friends call me Tom. Where are they now, why aren’t they here to support me? The clock is against me. I’ve only got three hours three minutes and three seconds left. Yes, you guessed it. Left to live.

I don’t think it’s humane to kill someone when they’re still alive. Do you?Thirty years ago, I invented the electric chair but during the process I executed a dozen innocent animals. Even more than that. Standard procedure, you know, just to make sure it works. I conducted cruel experiments using dogs, horses and cows to research the unique invention.

It was all over the news. How unique and interesting the invention was. I certainly don’t think that now. Especially as I don’t deserve it, I’ve been framed, can’t you see? I haven’t even got a lawyer or solicitor. No-one wants to come near me, no-one wants to know. It’s all over the news “Cold-blooded Murderer” and “Rapist” and all these lies.

Thousands of people will be here to see me. Not to say anything, just to see me get electrocuted. Hundred are here already.

They will be here to watch. Maybe I do deserve it for giving birth to such a creature.I don’t want to go, for Jane. I want to find out who done that to her. The thing is, the chair was there in my house. This electric chair in this really small room.

Every inventor knows what I mean. When you invent something it’s custom to have that thing in your household. It doesn’t have to work, it could just be miniature. As the electric chair is very dangerous, there are safety codes that only I know. It gets changed, at least once every month.That night, when I got home and Jane wasn’t there, I stayed awake for her.

I even phoned all the numbers in our address book. I eventually reported her missing. I was so distraught. As I was dozing off, I heard a loud bang on the door as if someone was trying to break into he house.

I ran to the door and opened it to find the police there, a lot of them. One said something really fast about a warranty whilst the others split into the house. After about five minutes, the majority were heading towards the door until one short, Wesley looking man started shouting. They all went back and this time, I followed them. The short ugly man asked me to open the room. I was a bit confused about what he was talking about. I must’ve thought I was in a dream or something like that. I rubbed my eyes and everything came into focus.

There it was. The room. The fat man asked to open it for the third time and I stepped forward. I entered the code but the room didn’t open. I tried again, it still didn’t open.

The man was starting to get impatient, I tried the third time and I flunged the door open knowing I had nothing to hide or nothing to be ashamed of.There she was. Jane.

I didn’t recognise her for a second. Her Skin, there was no skin. Just dried up flakes at the back of her bone, I could see the structure of her skeleton. Her cranium, staring at me, knowing that I betrayed her. Knowing that I wasn’t there for her. I felt like it was all my fault. It wasn’t by choice, someone made her sit in the chair.

That evil person turned it on.That wicked person watched her. Her hair, her lovely, soft, sleek, beautiful hair. I used to caress her hair all the time. I used to stroke it while we just sat there In front of the television watching the news.

Her hair, I can just imagine melting from the electricity. Her skin, her pale soft skin, diminishing away. Her body, her fragile body, trembling vigorously from the high voltage. Poor Jane, she probably didn’t know what to do.

Now I started thinking about it. I can’t seem to get that image out of my mind. Her black, bumpy blood slithering like a snake, cursing me for bringing such a creature into the world, into our home. I also invented the light bulb, that also has turned against me.That’s why I’m sitting here. In the dark. I gave the world light but I am living in darkness. That fine wire in an electric light bulb getting heated by the current.

It gets to a certain point. Either there’s too much current or the wire is too thin. That’s when the light goes out. That small little filament. So small, but so important. Without it there will be no light.

That small thing giving a lot of light. There is no light for Jane, just utter darkness but for me there’s too much current, the wire is getting thinner gradually. Soon enough, it will melt and disappear and then I’ll be with Jane in the utter darkness.

I wonder where she is. Probably in Heaven. I doubt it whether I’ll be going there.I’ve been good in my lifetime but what happened to Jane and all those innocent people that have been executed through electrocution.

I will have to take the blame. I must. I created it. I made my bed, now all I have to do is sleep in it. I have no choice. Time is ticking away.

What will I be remembered for? Murdering my wife? Giving light to the world? Inventing the electric chair? Someone out there must understand me, understand how I feel and what is going on. Not a physchiatrist because I’m not insane. I know that. A normal person, maybe they have been framed for a crime they didn’t commit. There was a woman who got accused of murder, she was convicted and got electrocuted. Two years later the story got uncovered and it wasn’t her. It was too late though.

She was dead.The truth will come out. Someday.

I believe that. I really do. It will be too late then wouldn’t it? I hope people out there learned from my mistake especially curious people.

“Curiosity killed the cat” . Too much current. I feel so weak. The wire is getting thinner. The noise outside of all the congregation got louder. Making me understand. The time is here. The time everyone has been waiting for.

The guards get me out of my room, cuff my hands behind my back and drag me into a big hall, where all the people are. I can’t see them as I have a paper bag over my face. I can hear them and I can feel them. Their eyes burning into my neck.The guards push me onto a metal chair. It is quite cold. A cold shiver runs down my spine as I sit here.

They strap my arms, legs and upper body to the machine. The current is getting too much. I heard the big clock. The time was right. Ding! Everyone counted Ding! Once they counted to 12, I will no longer be. Ding! Filament getting weaker. Ding! I miss Jane. Ding! My Son.

Ding! Who framed me? Ding! Do people really believe I’m guilty? Ding! Someone must know I’m innocent. Ding! I’m running out of time. Ding! I close my eyes and wait Ding! Ding!