cosmetics color you use that to fill in


Cosmetics have been arund for senteries ,since befor
egyptian times.among that time only royali would use
pigmants to make them feel and look above everyone years pased cosmetics companies hasgrown
intesly.The ones small companies that started as an
idea have become the most powerful companies in the
make up indistry.

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Is another make up brands I love .this barand is differ
ent then the first one becuse this brand fouceses more
on eye shawdows,this brand is one of the bigest com-
panies when it comes to

eyeshadow there brand
always are coming out
with new shades and
textures.acouple of the
products i personaly own
are the naked pal-
et#3,along with other
idividual eyeshadows
witch they also sale.

Kylie cosmetic

This brand hasnt been out
as many as the other ones,this one is a resent onpend

company its also own by a young women in here 20’s.
her brand is more foucesed on lips its all about getting
puffy round lips.her brand has ecome a sucusses over
the few years it has been open.i love all colors she
comes up with and the formulas not only the that but
also how every holiday she comes aout with new
colours and just always trying to make her brand more

Benifit is a well know cosmetic comepany,they had
become very popular for their eyebrows products i
personaly love this curent using some of
there roducts for sometime now and il love the way it
applies ,they have the pencil you use to carve out the
shape of your natrual eyebrow then there is the gel that
is matched to your hair color you use that to fill in the
rest of the eyebrow.then ther is the powder that sets
everything in and priventsthe gel from smaging during
that day.then of course theres another get that the
wond looks like mascera but it is aplyied right on top
of the pouwder to help the hairs are in place.second
final step there is optianal its a gel that sets the hole
eyebrow in makeing that hole products watter prove.
and finally there is the highliter penciel withc is used to
highlight more natrual. if all the steps were done
corctally you would of gotten a perfect eyeborw.



sally hansen

Is very know for there gold quialaty nail polish.i truly
love their products,ive own many of their products the
shades that there is are amazing they have everyshade
you can posibly thing i really like about
this brand is how it only takes acouple of minutes for
the polish to dry you dont have to wait so long like
other nail polishes.this brand really fouceses on nails
and providing really good tools for thouse nails artis.


This brand is very unique is difeerent from the other
oes beacause it is a companiy you can subcribe to for
about 20dollars a month and every month they send
you a box full of godies.i love this box its like getting
asurprise beacuse you dont dot know what its inside.
some boxes would come with skin care ,fod,or make
up.most of the time they come mixed

Is one of my altra favorite
brands i absulutly love,not
only becuse of there name but
of how their brands work this
companie have done other products like eyeshadows
,lip,and face products but what their really foucesed
on is the products that help keep that skin clean and
unhard by the harsh chemicals that are in make up
products.ive been using their products over a year i
love the products how they have changed my skin for
the using the three step cleansing products af-
ter removing my make up,it helps me remove the extra
makeup thats left behind .

gel removes dirt and oils left in the pores ,prevent-
ing the skin from breaking out.

then there is the toner witch is mixed with alchoal
to the helps kill bateria and to close the pores to
prevent dirt getting in.

last there is moisturizer preventing the skin from
being dry and flaking.


detox korea

This korean brand is based on produts only made-
from organnic fruits.They have product for skin and
drinks,there product for the skin really do work you
can see the result ,it is a slow prosses but you do see.
also the drink that they have are very good for your
insides it helps to burn unwanted fat and helps you
indigest food better.I love this brand ive usnd most of
there products specialy thir drinks and after a week of
drinking them i saw a really good result in my body.

jeffree star


This brand has been out for quit some time now their
produts are very know by alot of people.for me this is
one onf my favebori brands and also my first brand
that i ever knew.their products were the first once ive
ever used thats how i got to love makeup.theyve come
out with many eyeshadows and brush who are really
good of my favorite product of this brand
is the morphe plate 350 where it come with many
beautiful eyeshadows different shades from light to
dark able to creat many differetn looks with it.

This brand is very now transgender guy who made his
own brands of lips sticks and highlighters,this brand
is mostly sorounded wih highlighter,withc I love the
formulas that have been used in the highliter are ive
never seen before.not only what its in the inside but
also the outside the way he packeges the product with
his own logo also how big the product is.most brant
pack very little product and for such a big price.this
brand though give what is promises good product in a
really ood price.