Concept Paper for Class Activity

COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCES AND EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE (POG 222) CONCEPT PAPER FOR CLASS ACTIVITY OBJECTIVE Provide an avenue for Political Science students of Columban College to articulate their views vis-a-vis social and political issues on local, national and international milieu utilizing the rules of Parliamentary Procedure within the parameters of democratic process. MECHANICS

There shall be six (6) issues to be given a resolution [two (2) local issues, two (2) national issues and two (2) international issues]. There shall be a total of eight (8) sessions. The first session will be devoted for the formulation and adoption of internal rules, definition and inauguration of the deliberative body’s organizational structure and identification and approval of issues to be debated. During the course of the second to the seventh session, the identified and approved issues will be debated upon by the members, respectively.

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Local issues shall be discussed in the second and third sessions, national issues shall be discussed in the fourth and fifth sessions, and international issues shall be discussed in the sixth and seventh sessions. The eighth session will be for the final reading and adoption of proposed resolutions for the issues discussed by the body. The instructor will appoint a presiding officer for the first session; the appointed officer will get an academic incentive. During the said session, there shall be a raffle among the members which object is to appoint presiding officers for the second to the seventh session.

Each member, including the one who presided over the first session, should be able to preside once over the second to the seventh session. Still in the preliminary session, members shall elect among themselves someone to preside over the final session. It should be noted that the elected presiding officer for the last session shall also get an academic incentive (this is where political persuasiveness should be exercised). The instructor shall act as a secretary in an ex-officio capacity whose responsibility is only limited to file management.

The drafting of documents such as agenda, minutes’ and resolutions are functions that have to be accomplished by the presiding officer. Body of rules must be set clearly; hence it is imperative for each and everyone to review it meticulously before affixing signatures for approval. It should not violate any stipulation of the fundamental law of the land. DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS House Rules (based on the concept paper) Agenda (8) Minutes (8) Resolutions (6) Note: Documents should be compiled in a journal. CRITERIA FOR GRADING (individual) | | |CRITERIA |PERCENTAGE | | | | |Parliamentary Knowledge and Skills (summation of all ratings |20% | |divided by 8 sessions) | | | | | |Articulacy/Participation (summation f all ratings divided by 8 |20% | |sessions) | | | | | |Content (summation of all ratings divided by 8 sessions) |20% | | | | |Leadership (rating on the presided session excluding the first |20% | |and eighth sessions) | | | | | |Compliance/Responsibility (rating on the presided session |20% | |excluding the first and eighth sessions) | | | | | |TOTAL |100% | Prepared by: Mr. Jefferson M. Sadera Assistant Professor Noted by: Mrs. Eva M. Cruz Coordinator, Political and Social Science Department Approved by: Miss Teresita R. Dumlao Dean, College of Arts, Sciences and Education