Computers are dehumanizing the society

Computers are dehumidifying the society Now days, computers are affecting the human relations by making them to stick before computers and not maintain relationship with their friends and relatives as before. All the affection between people in the society is decreasing day by day and behaving like strangers within the family. Also, People are becoming so dependent on computer for each and every minor thing to do which is making them to think less and lazy.Because of computers reading books has become less and most of us started browsing the topic in internet rather than reading in books.

This impact of computers is not only on elders but also on children as children are mostly fascinated with the games and spending lot of time before system which in turn affects their health. But due to advance in technology the advantage to human beings is they can do more work in less time and can make their works faster and easier by sitting at home.People also can shop online. People now a days want to lead luxurious life and many are becoming corporate slaves for hikes in their income and are losing relations among themselves and the impact of computers also effected their day to day life activities by working over-nights making them like robots.

But we cannot blame even computers because they are non-living things and we humans should have control over our activities.Parents should see that their child is not distracted from studies by playing games all the time but not completely restrict them and allow them for not more than 2 hours and elders make sure that they spend no more than 8 hours. So, we should use machines up to a extent such that it reduces our effort and do not affect our relations in society.