Competency known as Philippine Statistics Authority (2013), 18%

Competency of Math Majors in
Job Employments



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described in the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum Order no. 48,
Series of 2017, Mathematics can be used as an important tool in many fields,
such as natural sciences, engineering, medicine, finance, and social sciences.
Also stated in the said memorandum, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics students are exposed to the “breadth
and depth” of the subject itself and importantly, this will also cover the core
areas as well as advanced courses that will help graduates to have a potential
in higher studies and the capacity to work in different fields.

on the stated nature and goals of the program, Math majors are expected to
obtain jobs in many different fields. It can be related to actuarial sciences
and banking, statistics and business, and also in computing and information
technology. From the study of Xu in 2012 about the “Career Outcomes of STEM and
Non-STEM College Graduates”, people with occupations closely related to their
college major will have the high possibility to become successful on their job
and apply what they have learned in college. But employment is still dependent
on the employer’s hands and the job-seeker’s skills.



included in the report of the National Statistics Office, now known as
Philippine Statistics Authority (2013), 18% of the unemployed are college
graduates. Moreover, Bird (2012) stated that it takes a fresh college graduate
a year to find his/her first job, and an additional year to have his/her
permanent job. This is mainly due to unsuitability of the abilities of the
applicants and the current demand of the society.

this situation, one of the leading causes is the various labor market
mismatches. As explained by Sloane (2014), Labor Market Mismatches is where the
skills and abilities of the job seeker are not qualified to the job
requirements or were not used in that certain job. Additionally, these incompatibilities
can be found in the following: over and under qualification, over and under
skilled, over and under the educational level requirement.

our country is also suffering this sickness. According to the unemployment rate
of the last quarter of 2017 issued by PSA, it is at 5.6% and this number was
larger compared at the same period last 2016, and as emphasized in the work of
Alejandre et al (2015), unemployment rate here in the Philippines will still
inflate when labor mismatches are not solve, thus greatly affecting the
productivity levels of different companies.

these obstacles, it is important for ourselves to know what skill set we have.
Internationally talking, employers are expecting college graduates to have good
communication skills, work ethics, collaborative skills, and critical thinking.
(Casner-Lotto and Barrington, 2006)



the other side, according to the Job and Salary report of (2015),
there are certain behavioral and functional skills in which employers look in
fresh graduates, some of these are communication skills, analytical skills,
trainability, honesty, and self-confidence. But as stated above, fresh
graduates don’t always land a job in their first job search.

speaking, based on the Policies, Standards, and Guidelines that CHED released
in their memorandum order as stated above, Math majors are expected to have a
mastery in problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and
appreciates the role of using proofs. All of which is needed by most of the

connection to this, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the
Commission on Higher Education (CHED) released a joint research (2014) stating
that science and math courses still remains a priority course not only for
financial assistance but also to land in-demand jobs that not only helps
graduates but also to boost the economy.

this, the study of Zimmerman and Levine (1995) asserted that students who
studied more math and science subjects tend to have greater salaries due to the
continuously positive inclination of the demand of jobs in the technical side
i.e. works that are connected to mathematics. Also, this results to a
significant advancement of the educational and economical sides.



speaking, Math majors tend to be an expert in understand and solving quantitative
and abstract problems. They also are adept not only in doing critical
observations but also in finding important information and recognizing
patterns. (Challman n.d)

the study of Carnevale, Cheah, and Strohl (2010) showed that Computing and Math
majors tend to have a salary that is among the highest in the industry,
likewise in the local side, statisticians are among in the top ten of the
highest paid jobs as per the latest study of DOLE (2017).

resolve the potential problems that the ideal Math major job applicants would
face, they must know where to work that will suit the course they finished as
well as the skills required, and in accordance to the aforementioned statements,
the main purpose of this study is to show the correlation of the employment
rates of Math majors in the corporate world and the CHED Memorandum specific
Math major skills that he/she supposedly developed in the course of his/her

            The goal is to survey different
employers and determine the skills they require to accept different job-seekers
and to find the relationship between the required skills and the ideal skills a
Math major should have; this will be through getting different weekly newspapers
then analyzing the accumulation of classified ads.

skills required in the position will also be taken in consideration whether
math major graduates really qualify that role. This study will gradually help
decrease unemployment rate in such a way that qualification skills will be

            The gathered results of the study
will be beneficial to the graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics because
this will acknowledge the importance of their course in the society and this
will show how flexible this course is. Also, this will notify the fresh
graduates of this course where their expertise will be suitable. 

            Alongside with this, the study will
also benefit the undecided students which course they will take in college.
Since the researchers will be focusing on the demands of BS Mathematics graduate,
this study can be an eye-opener that there are many opportunities if this
course is the one they choose to take. This could also cure their Math anxiety
for there’s a good thing if you face your fears in Math.